Phonak Roger Focus itches my daughter's ear canals

My daughter (8yrs) is starting to refuse to wear the Roger Focus aids, because of the itch.
She has the smallest domes and the smallest slimtube. However, they have never been very comfortable for her.

Are there other kind of domes that can be recommended? She needs open domes, because the Roger Focus only transmits the microphone input. She is dependent on her own hearing for all other sound.

Is it an idea to use bigger domes, that at least don’t slide?

Are the Roger Focus aids put in a UV type dryer when not in use? This has helped me with the crazy itch.

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Yes and cleaned with alcohol.

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Has anybody looked in her ears?

I follow a mom on Instagram who’s son uses Roger Focus. He just had to get ear moulds made for it as the domes were awful. He got open moulds so he can still hear through his ears.

I am use a product called miracell. You can buy it online but may be able to get a small sample from your audi. It’s an ointment that you spread lightly on the part of the aid that goes in the ear. It should help with the itching.


The alcohol cleaning may be the problem. Try cleaning with a dedicated hearing aid cleaner. I have had good luck with Audio Wipes.

I am agree that the alcohol could be the culprit. If you’re worried about disinfecting they make hearing aid dryers that also disinfect

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