Phonak RIC problems


The RIC speaker keeps falling off, after a few weeks use. the VA has replaced the RIC on both aids several times.

The last time I was told this was a known defect with Phonak, the glue used to hold RIC on the wire seems to be adversely affected by humidity. That’s and odd issue since the inside of ears are pretty humid and here in Florida there is no way way to avoid high humidity.

Anyone else have this issue…


Yes, I’ve had the same experience on four occasions. This is over a four year period. I wear Brio 1 HAs. Since my Costco is so closely located, it’s not a problem for me to return them and have the receivers replaced at the same time I show up at the store. However, it is still a nuisance to have to deal with.


That’s not adhesive, that’s plastic injected over the receiver and Litz wire tubing.

I might be wrong, but from a bit of previous moulding experience, that weld to the sheath over the Litz wire has to be bang on the right temperature, contaminant free and timed right.

Possibly too many variables for your guy operating the machine last thing on a Friday.


I live in Florida and because of the high humidity. I use a Phonak hearing aid dryer to remove moisture to prolong the life of the bte aids.


I also use a hearing aid dryer…


Just curious is the VA Clinic sending the aid back to Phonak for the repair?


They replace the RIC in the clinic, they have the newest RIC that are supposed to be heavy duty and should provide longr lasting performance. Last week the left one died, so both have been sent back to Phonak for a rebuild, S oI am backto using my 5 year old Oticon, that never gave any problems.