Phonak Remotes

My new micro Eleva, I have the remote that they let me try. I don’t know if I want to buy it or not besides I think it is expensive, the audi assistant is checking the price. When I raise the volume I get a lot of feedback, I guess they can change something on the computer, otherwise why have the remote. The remote also changes the background noise. The Eleva is suppose to do the noise reduction automatically anyway, so why do you need the remote? Maybe for the volume? I guess the Eleva doesn’t change the volume automatically! How would it know that you would like to increase volume? Please let me know any input on this.

The remotes on the more advanced hearing aids such as Eleva and Savia Art would be used more for volume changes and also if you want to manually choose a program or mode versus letting the hearing aid do the changes for you automatically.

Raising the volume will also in turn raise background noises around you also. Thus, many of my customers like to use manual programs such as the hearing in noise mode to switch manually into directional mode and we use a more aggressive noise reduction scheme on that mode.

The remotes should be around $300 for the Key Pilot, $350 for the Sound Pilot and $500 or so for the Watch Pilot.

If you are a person that likes everything automatic, then a remote may not be a good idea. If you like to manually control things, and be able to change them at the same time on both aids, then a remote is a great thing.

We have many customers who love using their remotes.

Admin, thanks for responding. I tried the remote in a noisey place the other night. I didn’t hear much of a difference. I did in their office with party noise from the computer, I guess in real life restaurant noise it’s a little different!? What do you think about the volume with the remote, I get feedback the louder I go. I didn’t mention here and there during the day I get a split second little feedback buzz that I find annoying. Can all this be fixed on the programing? Thanks.

Make sure the audi did a feedback sweep and if not, have them do it so there is no feedback when you raise the volume on the remote.

Also, the audi can change the settings on how much you can go up and down with the volume. The default setting does not give you too much of a range, so this is what you may be experiencing.

The way i was explain about the remote is it desighn for when you need a custom program. Say your hearing aid works in every enviroment but when you go golfing you have a hard time hearing people. Also i bleave the audi can what changes you are making in differnt enviroments and tweak the hearing aid. Now i have the phonak micro IX hearing aid.

with CIC, remote controls can be the only way to use this feature

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