Phonak Questions for Expert Audi's

I’m asking for specifics for #2 & #3 and general comments on the others. I don’t know if I should list everything in this post or break it up so please tell me if I need to do anything different.

Had a visit with a new (to me) Audi yesterday. He has been in the business a long time and certified by Phonak. I was impressed and he took quite a bit of time with me.

Note: I have iPFG 2.6 installed so I can poke around but do NOT have any of the cables or boxes. I don’t want to program but want to be involved a little. E.g.; See #2 & #3 - he didn’t know where in iPFG to set these.

  1. He looked at my HI and immediately pointed out problems with my ear molds. He said the holes into the ear canal were to small, that by opening them up sounds would be more natural and less tinny. He was right.

  2. He isn’t sure about program settings i want for Zoom Control and Phone-Duo. I want the mic off for the off ear, and sound from the on-ear to both ears. His uncertantity was if that would uncouple the QuickSync between the ears. He also wasn’t sure where to set that on iPFG 2.6. Can you give me a guide?

  3. I wanted the iCOM speaker set as is but lower the volume of the iCOM Mic. People complain about my voice and ambient sounds being too loud. He wasn’t sure how to set that in iPFG also. Can you give me a guide? I discovered a setting under Pgm Options / Easy Bluetooth / Microphone Attenuation that looks like it might do something. Is this what controls microphone sensitivity on the iCOM? If so which way is down?

I was impressed that he looked things over, asked questions and knew what settings to tweak for the Phonak generally. I told him I cannot tell a difference in the voice in noise and music programs and he said that with my loss it is very minor and suggested taking them out, leaving only Auto and Zoom. He demonstrated it with the graphs with multiple lines, moving only a small amount and only a limited area. If my loss was more in the lower frequencies it would make more of a difference.

I asked about the Sound Relax feature that is supposed to chop off loud sounds at some point. My testing audi did not set a pain threshold like one did a while back, so how does Sound Relax know where to chop it off, or does it really do anything?

I could go on but help with any part of this will be helpfull.

#2 - What you want is exactly what Zoom control already does in Left/Right modes - which is why you can’t find any additional settings! Not sure where the sync feature comes into all this …

#3 - That controls the aid mike volume in Bluetooth & MP3 modes … NOT the iCOm mikes.
In fact I have never seen a volume control for the iCom mikes!

#2: When in Duo-Phone I really hear the phone in both ears. When in Zoom I hear the sound in the on-ear only. The off-ear is now totally muted which is better than it was with the mic open, but it would be great if the sound from the on-ear came over. BTW, I tested it using ear protection muffs uncovering one ear then the other.

#3: I am not the only one as I googled it and others are asking the same question. I wonder if turning my cell phone volume down will lower the volume of my voice to the caller? I guess I have a lot of messing around to do. I keep hoping somebody has the magic answer.

Thanks for your reply. I do appreciate your help on this.

>> When in Zoom I hear the sound in the on-ear only.

That’s not right … needs fixing. Zoom DOES send sound to the other ear!

Thanks, With Auto working better, all I need for the HI part is Zoom (we took off music and mute). I still need the iCOM to not send as loud but will fiddle with that. Also need to try iCOM with another phone as the Voice Commands doesn’t work.

Unfortunately the newest software version for the iCom does not work with voice commands. You can find this info in other threads. Hopefully Phonak is working on fixing that.
Your new audi should be able to call his Phonak rep to find out how to fix your Zoom problem. My audi called Phonak everytime she couldn’t find where in the software to adjust something. The Phonak people were pretty quick on answering her calls. Maybe your audi doesn’t want to appear that he doesn’t “know his stuff”.

Now that’s plain sad. It’s not like the iCOM is reinventing any wheels. If you’ve ever used a Jawbone bluetooth it cancels out noise and you are heard very clearly, same going both ways. The voice dial works great. I had an earlier version and the newest works even better. Did I mention they are less than $100? So, why cannot a company like Phonak get it right?

Just now in the middle of this post I tried the iCOM again. One 2 second push of the button does nothing, 2 short starts up the music on my phone. So I know it’s doing something. I even tried starting the Voice Command manually and speaking the command into iCom. It responded twice out of 10 or so tries. Is there a different device that actually does what iCom is supposed to do?

As for other phones getting Voice Commands right, absolutely. The clearest for me was a Moto Razor that got it mostly right all the time. My ideal cell would be the size of the iCom on a loop run entirely by voice, no pads, no screens, no texts (unless it was a speach to text thing). It would be set up by PC for address book and features. Might even link to calendar for reminders.

After thinking about it, my concern in Zoom was the noise in my off-ear. Is it possible to mute the mic AND keep the speaker normal in the off-ear? AND return all to normal when returning to Auto?

If not, then I prefer to hear in the on-ear and nothing in the off-ear as it is now.

Okay, I admit I’m an idiot!! I’ve been saying my off-ear is completely muted and I even tested it. I had a brain spike a few minutes ago and tested it the correct way. I DO hear in both ears and the mic really is muted in the off ear.

I pulled the ear mold out of my right ear and toyed with the right aid. My left ear picked up the sound faintly but it is there. Toying with the left aid is silent in both ears. The opposite is true when I zoom on the left ear. On my next visit maybe I can get the speaker volume in the off ear increased a little.

Sorry EnglishDispenser and others for not knowing what I am doing. It’ll probably happen again but I hope not anytime soon.

As for my iCom issue, I’m resolved to using the phone to dial out and the iCom from there on. I think the being resolved is half the battle. My Auto is working swell, so I really have nothing to complain about - do I.