Phonak Q90 to V50, would I notice an improvement?

I had an implant (looks like a metal T) put into my middle ear in my right ear to help my conductive loss. I had a hearing test today and it’s now improved by 10 dB. My left hasn’t changed.

I’ve been told I need new hearing aids as my current hearing aids are now too powerful.

I’m looking at getting the Phonak Bolero V50 M for my right ear and Bolero V50 SP for my left ear.

Going from the Q90 to the V50, would I notice an improvement in the AutoSense? I have everything else turned off so that doesn’t matter.

…Are you noticing problems?

No as such. I’ve had my hearing aids programmed to my new audiogram and despite my loss being only mild in my right, I’m not noticing any internal noise from the HA being too powerful.

So, :man_shrugging:

I mean, certainly ask your provider for her reasoning.

The hospital were like, there too powerful now, you must get new a aid but I may stick with my Phonak Q90 / Brio’s as it’ll save me a ton of money.

Your question about Quest to Venture is yes. The reason I say that is the AutoSense. Pending on which aids you might get Sound Recover 2 also. I know the Naida Venture aids have it.
I believe you turn off a lot of the bells and whistles so the 50 level would be fine for you. I personally like all the bells and whistles of the 90 level aids.
When I learned I have zero hearing in my upper frequencies I realized I don’t need to have powerful aids to push gain in those high frequency zones. So less powerful aids work for me. Because of this I have a choice for smaller aids. Not big aids that are not so comfortable behind the ears.

Did you have aids before your V90 and B90 aids that had SoundFlow? Is AutoSense really that better? If AutoSense is better maybe I’ll save my money and get the V90 or B90 aids even tho I have all the other features turned off. I can wear my Brio’s until then.

Yes, about 5 different pairs.

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Congratulation! I was already wondering why your audiogram has changed. Are you sure you NEED a HA in your new right? I mean you are used to understand although you didn’t hear much.

Naida Q vs V:
I don’t use AutoSense most of the time. AutoOS takes too much time to switch between programs (at minimum 12 seconds :frowning: )
My answer is in contrast to Raudrive’s view, that means you have to try it for yourself. On the other hand if you are happy with your Q why would you buy a new pair?

I find I can’t heard soft voices with my right without a hearing aid. I was at my moms house and even in quiet, I couldn’t hear my mom. That’s with my left aid on mute to test my right out.

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I’ve decided to try with just one aid again today. I use a Phonak Roger System. I’ve got a Roger Focus for my right ear if I have trouble. That way I’ve still got sound from the Roger in both ears.

There’s still a significant hearing loss in your right ear. You still need a hearing aid in that ear.

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I think my audiogram is wrong even tho that’s what the test at the hospital showed. I could hear birds in my right ear this morning without a hearing aid.

It would have to be pretty wrong to get you to a place where a hearing aid in that ear wouldn’t still be beneficial, although you could move to an open fit if you aren’t in one now.

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Would an open fit hearing aid help me hear better in noise? I have been researching and people say that open fit hearing aids do not always work well in noise as the low frequency goes into the ear naturally.

Every time I try a hearing aid in my right ear, even tho it has been adjusted correctly, things always seem so loud.

Audiogram attached is my hearing test results from yesterday. Still shows I have a loss even tho compared to before, I hear really well.

Huh. I’d thought the one in your profile was the new one. Do you know your bone line? I can see why you’d wonder if the testing was wrong if you feel like you are hearing a lot better than pre-surgery. The new test doesn’t look much better than the old, except at 2 kHz, which certainly does give some important speech information.

Are you in Bolero Qs now? Or are you in Naidas?

When you get older, you might have age related hearing loss so it is best to keep the Q90. You can find V90 or V70 aids in eBay.

There’s a 10 dB gap on my BC levels. They think that’s from a slightly scared ear drum.

I’m still wearing my Naidas. I wonder if that’s why I’m finding it too loud?

I’ve got an appointment on Wednesday to try a less powerful hearing aid. I’m in England so have the good old NHS.

I went back to the hospital to get a new test as I felt I was hearing well enough. Had 2 tests in 8 days.

Yes will look at eBay I think after my appointment on Wednesday.

I got my Phonak Naida Q90 UPs on eBay.

I feel like the Beyond aids AutoSense is quicker and smoother than the Venture aids. My little trial of the KS9 aids at Costco was even smoother than the Beyond aids.
It all comes down to tuning. Most issues can be tuned, at least that is what I see.

Zebras is in a new situation. She may find smaller aids may work for her. By looking at the prescribed gains in comparison to the potential of the aids will direct you towards which aids are needed. Powerful aids will work fine for less hearing loss. They just have extra power that’s not being used once adjusted properly, within reason that is.