Phonak Q50 died,what next

Hi Folk
One of the Phonak Q50 went suddenly death. It is out of Warranty :thinking:
The left one works fine.
what you propose to do. They are quit expensive.
Possible to open it (I’m an electronics engineer)

Any experience / ideas ?

You can get aftermarket repairs. Typical cost is $150 with 6 mo warranty – not all can be repaired properly. An alternative is to find one on ebay. It takes a test bench to work on them. has one of the online repair services. They use Prairie Lab in Minnesota and you can see both sites info via Google. Prairie deals only with dealers and not the public.

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It could be just the RIC that is failed. Those aren’t too expensive to replace and you should be able to do that yourself.

I’m not sure if they are interchangeable , but you could try putting the receiver from your good aid onto the failed aid to see if this is the problem or not.


Also check for wax blockage.

What you mean by wax blockage?
The unit is clean, no initial sound, just nothing
The Phonak Target SW tells me also, there is no equipment to find. just the left one.
With my own B-30 the SW works fine :thinking:

For example wax blockage in this hole;

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I have the same HA’s. One of mine went dead. I took it to be cleaned and they told me there was moisture in the aid. She cleaned it and it works fine. You said yours is clean, but maybe there could be moisture left in it. They have dryers you can use to prevent this especially if you live in a humid climate. Just a thought.

Thanks cjpines
but when the Phonk Target SW is not finding the aid… looks for me that it is gone.
With moisture at least the transmitter / receiver should response to the SW.

Anyway, I will follow your idea. To morrow I go to the shop and asking for a Service. (Thanks).
I give you an update.

Steps to try:

  • change battery, try different battery batch.
  • change wax filter
  • dry out in HA dryer
  • have audiologist check/change receiver
  • send in for repairs

There are really no bits you can change yourself unless you are someone who usually repairs these at a specialty repair organization - except perhaps the receiver.

The Receivers on Phonak RITE are pretty easy to remove and replace. It can be done in about ten minutes. The receiver from the working aid can be temporarily placed in the aid that is not working for testing purposes. It can be done in 10 minutes. There are Youtube videos showing how to do this.

IMO If the hearing aids are more than a few years old and the aids have been taken care of, a failed receiver is more likely than a failed circuit board. The results are the same, the aid stops working.

The OP did not have an audio gram posted so you are assuming the loss is symmetrical and that it is ok to swap the receivers. I assumed he did not have a new receiver to try on the correct side. That is why I said perhaps. Getting one might be more trouble than going to his usual service centre but could certainly be an option as the only part he could likely buy.

My recommendation is for ‘testing only’ to see if it is a failed receiver or not. Once verified, either way, he could replace the receiver back on the correct aid.

O.K. He would have to remember to test it on the ear for which the aid is meant not the ear for which the other receiver is meant provided the aids use the same power receiver.

How old are the aids? The microphone and the receiver are the parts exposed to moisture. It is unlikely for the logic board to fail as it is coated to resist moisture. It can be the wiring to the receiver or the microphone or both. Are you using a hearing aid dryer? The dryer helps to prolong the life of the aids by removing moisture.

My Mother bought it four years ago.

The Q50 has not en external receiver. Everything is located in the housing. Connection to the ear is only made by a tiny Tube. Fitted by a small thread to the housing…
Today I went to the shop asking for a solution.
He connected the HA via SW iCube as well as the Cable (Din CS44). The Q50 is not responding at all.

definitely there is an Electronic problem.

It will be send to Phonak for repair.

approximately cost sFr. 250.00.
It is still cheaper then a new one :fearful:

That tiny tube is part of the electronics.

What he said is that it is a BTE aid and not a RIC!

Ok. My error for pushing it.

Please help me out. I don’t see where he said BTE in this thread.

BTE uses tubes and RIC use wires. Easy to miss.

Sorry for misunderstanding.

Till now I was not aware of BTE and RIC.
I’m a greenhorn with hearing Aids :kissing_heart::rofl: