Phonak Q5 SP programming help

I’ve had a severe (right)/ and severe/profound (left) sensorineural hearing loss for over 15 years and have worn aids for most of that time. Except for the last one, I’ve gone the professional audiologist route and paid thousands of dollars for the many aids I’ve had. For the amount of information and sound quality that my left ear provides, I really hate to spend a lot for the mild information it provides now.

My Siemens aid for my left ear (severe/profound) just gave up the ghost, and I purchased a new Phonak Q5 SP from a seller on eBay that was pretty cheap. The Phonak Q5 was listed as accommodating a mild to severe loss, comparable to the Siemens it’s intended to replace. My problem is that the factory default setting is (presumably) for a mild loss. The package just arrived today, and I hurriedly opened it, fastened by mold/tube from the Siemens, put in a battery and…virtually no improvement as far as my left ear can discern. Upon popping open the door on the aid, I was confronted with a connector and not the set of rotary switches that I was expecting for a BTE device. Shame on me for not researching this beforehand.

Can anyone help me in finding the hardware and software I need to program my Q5 for a severe loss? I’m a retired software engineer who isn’t afraid to jump in and do this. I know I need a cable to connect to the aid, and likely an interface box that the cable plugs into that then connects to a PC via USB or serial port.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You will need a Phonak programming device (iCube) and a fitting software (Target). Don’t know if you can find those things online though.
Its better you pay a hearing clinic to program it for you.