Phonak provided programs - differences?

Searched both here and the internet but coulnd’t find my question, I probably missed it. Sorry for asking again…

Just started to play around with my new P90Rs. Is there a document that details what the factory programs are and what settings each of those change? Example - TV, Restaurant, Music, etc.

And what is the difference between programs-
Bluetooth streaming + mic 1
Bluetooth streaming + mic 2
Phone call + mic 1, Phone call + mic 2, etc.

Under my aids in MyPhonak, if I choose program, I see the 3 default ones - autosense, restaurant, tv, music plus my custom one i made, then i see about ten of these “+mic” ones, most are duplicates.


I think I read that the duplicated programs are an error that will be removed in a future update to the app.

The programs beyond autosense are programs available in autosense but made available when you want those specific settings forced into effect. Restaurant is speech in noise, if I remember correctly. There are other programs autosense might select that aren’t as appropriate. Maybe it doesn’t recognize the voice, and just applies noise controls. Selecting restaurant can help with hearing voices in a noisy environment (even if it isn’t a restaurant.)