Does anyone, anywhere know where I can find a pair of these, circa 2006 or so???

I have posted a few times here about my search for a new hearing aid. None of the 4 I have tried so far have even come CLOSE to allowing me to function as well as I can with the Phonak Perseo dAz aids I purchased about 3 years ago. Phonak no longer makes them, or anything comprable: they are suggesting everyone switch to the Naida (tried twice, hated.)

I have implored several audiologists for help: one basically told me to just accept the new technology and move on, one has his ears open in case he hears of a pair of Perseos, and one is currently helping me try just about every aid on the market, so far with no luck. Loud sounds seem to create the effect of vertigo, I can’t pick up the soft sounds, can’t understand my child speaking, can’t function in loud public places, my own voice sounds distorted to me and my husband noted my voice is different with the new aids–probably because I am trying to compensate for how weird I sound to myself. I HAVE NONE OF THESE PROBLEMS with the Perseos…I have a really severe hearing loss and have been told I function extremely well. I am not will to compromise my quality of life (especially at a time my son is learning to talk–he is 2).

Just wanted to give a little backstory. I have been checking ebay, so far I have not come across a pair of Perseos (only singles.) If there is anyone, ANYONE who can help me, please respond here or email me Audiologists who may be able to point me in the direction of someone to contact, or perhaps someone with a pair they have replaced with newer aids. I am willing to purchase a pair of Perseos for a reasonable price…if I can find a pair!!!

I am seriously starting to panic about what may happen to my life should my current aids break, malfunction, or suffer an accident (remember, I live with a 2 year old!!:slight_smile: I have generally used my previous aids as a “back-up” and this summer my “back up” pair conked out, hence my search for new aids. In no way did I think it was going to be this difficult!! Thanks for reading…any help is appreciated.

If you still have your old set than there is indeed hope. I have recently had a string of successes getting people who love their old set of aids (often analogue) to love their brand new aids even more. The trick is for the aud to measure the frequency response of your Perseo’s not only at speech levels but also for soft sounds and loud sounds. I would suggest he/she measure your Perseo’s at 45, 55, 65,75 &90 dB input using real ear measurements and then match the frequency response and compression ratios ad kneepoints to closely match your perseo’s. This should solve issue with loudness tollerance and soft sounds. The aud might also want to initially defeature the aids to better replicated the perseo’s. Generally Phonak allows great flexibility in achieving this, other manufacturer’s aids might be more limited. The aud would then need to fine tune slightly to match your expectations. I would usually spend about 1 1/2 hours in one appointment, letting the client experience different situations in between setting by letting them walk out of the door, start their car, listen to music etc.

I have a paIr of Perseos vintage circa 2005. I am planning to upgrade to something else or the Naida. (Yes, I saw that you did not like them; more information about your experience would be welcome).

Assuming that I bite the bullet and upgrade, AND assuming that the upgrade proves successful, I would be very interested in selling mine. Figure that would be early 2010.