Phonak Paradise + PartnerMic advice and use

Hey all,
I am writing this pretty distressed about my hearng aid.
I had a lync 3d with micromic which worked pretty great( with the micromic) but had the usual issues in loud environment and etc…I decided to upgrade after 4 years and tried Resound ONE which worked so and so and then went to Paradise as everyone recommended and on trying it for a few days i was pretty impressed by it. I set it up using REM which was a first for me and I understood that this is the best way We didn’t do almost any other adjustment besides what REM suggested.

But in practice I discover that it doesn’t work so great. In loud environments doesn’t seem to do much. Sometimes i hear perfectly sometimes not at all. Sometimes when I talk to people their voice is clear and nice, sometimes is not. I am not sure even what to ask my audi for…

Secondly the partner mic is weird ( compared to the resound one which has volume control and bass adjustment). Does anyone else use this with great efficency and has any advice? It connects well but if i keep the aid and the mic open it’s a cacophony of sounds. I usually turn the aid off and get the sound just from the mic. Which is better but not at all amazing ( usually gets one person so if we’re at a table of 4, I ca only follow 1/4 of conversation). I feel isolated and distressed whenever I am in a group, sometimes even 1:1 conversations. I mostly feel like an idiot. I know that’s maybe common with hearing aid when you seem stupid cause you have nothing to say…what’s to say when you don’t hear? but still, used to it as I am, i still feel more upset than usual about it now.

I am tired and upset of all this hearing struggle. For the first time I’m thinking seriously abour cochlear implant and if that doesn’t work as well, that’s it.

Any help, ideas etc are appreciated!

You only have hearing in your right ear, is that correct?
Have you considered CI in your left ear first?

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I like the PartnerMic very much. However it’s only for use in one on one situations. It is not a table mic. If you want something that will function in group situations, you’d need Roger Select or better yet their new Roger On. If you go that route, make sure you understand what you’re getting in the way of receivers and such. Agree with Raudrive–I’d encourage getting an eval for cochlear implant.

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I’ve been told is impossible cause it’s been too long sincer I lost my hearing. However, I am due for a RMN of the years to see if that;s true…

Thanks! My understanding was that the roger pen is used in group but you need a pen for every person. That’s way too expensive…but I’ll check the ON.

I do not understand the RMN.
A cochlear evaluation would answer that question concerning your left ear.
Years ago I was told hearing aids would not help me. That turned out to be totally wrong.

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I’m not an audiologist so could be totally wrong about this. Although it’s ideal if the hearing loss is recent for a cochlear implant to work, I think even if you have one side that hears relatively well that there’s a decent chance that cochlear implant could be effective. I think what matters is if the brain has been used to making sense out of sounds rather than a particular ear. I think getting an eval makes sense, or at least talking to an audiologist who is current with the latest thinking.

She hasn’t been on this forum for a very long time but another member had only worn one HA for 12 years but got her totally deaf ear implanted with AB a few years ago. She picked up speech.

She is now bilateral.

She’s a member of a Facebook group that I admin.

She had meningitis when she was a child. That’s why she is deaf.


WOW! that’s exactly my story: meningitis when i was little, nerved dead on my left ear, riht ear normal…now worse and wear an aid. AMAZNG!