Phonak Paradise P90 left side HA(left-connected to bluetooth) getting lesser sound from outside when bluetooth is activated

Hello guys. i have been having this problem since two years i have been wearing Phonak Pardise P90. normally on phonak p90, bluetooth is only connected to one hearing aid and will be streamed from that HA to both of the HA’s. In my case here left side is connected to bluetooth. I want to know, is it normal, if the hearing aid that is connected to bluetooth, getting lesser sound from outside in comparison to the right hearing aid that is not directly connected to bluetooth when bluetooth is activated? lesser sound from outside i mean like car sound and everything that is not from my stream. seems like bluetooth is blocking the sound from outside more on the left side, but i am not sure. is it also normal that i hear more and clearer speech on the left side that is connected to bluetooth than the right side, when i stream music or phone calls through bluetooth?

The relative level of microphone and streaming is a setting in Target. Perhaps your audi had them unlinked when the setting was changed?

You can also change the relative volume using the buttons or the app but that is usually on both aids at once.

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If you tap on the volume control in the app it will split into independent volume control (this however is not permanent, it resets if the app is closed or changed programs)

I returned my P90s but I don’t remember the ‘mixer’ for stream vs mics being able to be split?

I was going back to the audiologist. It is not possible to separate it