Phonak Paradise Feedback Overtuning

Poking around in Phonak literature I discovered a feature of Phonak Paradise I was unaware of. The hearing aid fitter is able to finetune the feedback threshhold. Unfortunately it is not available with the Marvels.

Help me out a little on your find. What experience would cause me to ask my Audi to fine tune feedback? In other words, I do experience a little feedback tone in my left HA when I put my head against our highback sofa. This feedback got worst when I asked my Audi to increase my left HA through a remote session.

I think the most likely situation is that the feedback manager is limiting gain. With judicious tuning the provider could allow more gain and allow an acceptable amount of feedback.

In Target you have the Auto fine tuning page and you also have the Manual fine tuning page. I haven’t looked but is this fine tune feedback threshold on this Auto page?
My guess is this is Phonaks way of helping the fitters who don’t understand how to program hearing aids.

It’s on the Feedback Manager and REM page. It only shows up with Paradise aids.

Feedback is a tricky balancing act of gain to acoustics. This is why people need better domes or earmolds as they need more gain to hear for worse hearing loss.


If the feedback is an issue, tell your audi that it’s worse. If it’s not an issue and you’re hearing better, I’d leave it alone.

A bit of a tangent. This is an issue that I have with the emphasis on REM. Proper fitting is a balance between gain and feedback management. Depending on domes/molds, fittings done with REM could look quite different. If I go with the recommended open domes, feedback management will allow very little gain to my high frequencies.

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Feedback is most certainly available on the marvels. I know cause I have them. Feedback control is great compared to my previous audeo b50s.