Phonak paradise cost US $

What is a typical retail price for Phonak Paradise P90 HA in US dollars today?

I paid about $3400 for mine. I purchased them from “OnLineHearing”

Good price. I got hosed for $4800

If this included fitting and REM at a local audiologist, this pricing isn’t too bad. In my local area, the best discount on Hearing Tracker with a local audiologist and REM fitting is ~$4600.

When I received a quote from a local audiologist before finding Hearing Tracker, they quoted $6800 for P90s (bundled with 3 years of service). Unbundled for $5400, which only included initial REM fitting & 60 days of follow-up.

I ended up going with the KS10s from Costco, which are a close cousin to the P90s, for $1399.

I bought the 90’s and they were $7000 from a private locale audiologist. 4 year warranty, 3 years service. But I have an appointment today at Costco to try the Kirkland 10’s to compare. I have until September 1 to return the 90’s to the audiologist. We shall see. I have used Costco for my two previous pairs, but my hearing has gone downhill and I wanted to see if an audi would make a difference. But Costco is such a huge savings

My price did include service, REM , warranty for three years, plus replacement for damage and loss.
But three months after I paid for them, COSTCO announced the KS10. After evaluating those I do believe I would have chosen them even though they have some minor lesser differences. $4800 vs $1400 is too much of a difference for the minor goodies of the P90R.
I have had COSTCO HAs before and was very happy with their service.

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looking forward to getting an update on this!

Thanks to everyone who responded

You have six months to exchange them for KS10s. My KS9 had a lot of static during phone use. This is not typical since my sister also has them and didn’t experience this problem. Costco Audi said she would have replaced them had I kept the KS9. The three things I am pleased with are rechargeable batteries, static free phone calls and not having to constantly pair them to another device when switching between my iPhone and iPad. The 10s seem more comfortable to the point I don’t know I have them on. Don’t understand why that would be different however.

I found batteries were always running out midday, usually while driving or in a restaurant. The rechargeable always make it through an entire day regardless of my usage. I am now able to understand another persons whispers and most song lyrics unlike my six year old Bernafons. Very pleased!