Phonak Paradise and TV Connector

I’ve recently got the Paradise P90 HAs and tried Bluetooth streaming from my LG TV but the audio lag is far to much. I thought I’d give the Phonak TV connector a go and seem to have problems getting it to work.
I have plugged the TV connector in and it seems to recognise my HAs when setting up (audio chimes), but I do not hear any audio in my HAs. There is definitely audio present as the connector shows a green light when I turn the TV on. I notice that there is a program installed for the TV connector on my HAs but it doesn’t seem to select it. Is this something my Audi has to set up?


Your P90s are likely set for manual selection of the TV connector. Do you hear the TV when you select the program via myPhonak?

If so, you can also try long-pressing any HA button, you may have to do this several times if you have any manual programs installed, to switch programs and see if you can access the tv connector this way.

The P90s can also be set to connect automatically either through Target or by your audiologist.

Good luck.

I’ve been trying to connect my paradise aids to my Bluetooth capable landline at work and result is very similar. Chimes when a call comes in and I can answer and end calls with the aids but no audio. Would this be a similar situation, in that something need to be set up for it to work?

Thanks Parishd. I’ve just done a reset on the TV connector and it has re-paired with my HAs and all is working fine.

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Something does need to be set up, but I think it’s a different issue given you can answer/end calls with the buttons. I’d start by looking at available programs on myPhonak after picking up the call and go from there.

Glad to hear it! …

I got tired of the HA chimes every time l changed the tv channel using the tv connector. I found a solution. In Target, l unclicked on the volume and program change chime option. Now with the tv connector, no more chimes. I still get chimes for low power battery. General chimes can’t be disabled. I don’t need chimes while changing programs with the my Phonak app. I don’t answer calls. I still use the relay operator. I don’t make calls often.