Phonak P90-RT Initial Impressions after Oticon More 1 Trial

Here is my initial impression of the Phonak P90-R/T subsequent to my trial with the Oticon More 1. I got them yesterday (12/16) at 10AM so we’re only talking about a 10 hour wear time. They were set a 100% of the target as were the Oticon.

  1. Music is clearly superior with the Phonak. Not quite as nice as the Evoke but still pretty good.

  2. I was at a meeting in a home with a lively discussion that followed—men in one room and women in another with a large opening between the two immediately to my right. There were four men, and I was seated facing the three others. One was directly across from me with one on either side of that person facing inwardly, so I was looking at the sides of those two faces. They were approximately 6 or 7 feet away. There was plenty of noise from the girls, lots of elevated volume with loud talking and laughing hitting me from the right side. Not restaurant or party loud but enough that I struggled even when the person directly across and facing me was talking. I played with app and adjusted every setting available and did improve things somewhat, but I was never close to comfortable and missed most of the conversation from that position. I had to change seats. I was in that same situation a couple of times with the Oticon and had a much, MUCH easier time with things missing only a few words here and there. Usually because of a poorly accented fricative or trail off at the end of a sentence. Nothing that kept me from understanding things. With the Phonak most of the noise coming from the other room was just that—noise. But with the Oticon, if I paid attention ,I could actually pick up some of the conversation. Quite impressive.

  3. In regular situations the difference between the open paradigm and the traditional is also apparent. The Phonak are most definitely quieter. There is less going on around me. In spite of it speech is not quite as crisp and distinct as with the Oticon.

Again this was only 10 hours on initial settings with no adjustments so things could improve but they have quite a ways to go to equal the More 1. I have an appointment this coming Wednesday and I’ll see what magic the audiologist can work. But if he can’t get the Paradise close to the More 1, I see no reason to keep it and add a $2K Roger On to cover complex situations that comprise less than 10% of life.


I am not advocating anything here, but just saying that my experience is that I have needed to set the gain 110% of target. This has been the case with both the KS9 and KS10.

I am unsure if that will make a difference as the More just may be superior in these type of situations given their DNN technology etc.


I’ll definitely give that a try as well as having him brighten up the speech. I did have him do that with the Oticon in the first tweak. I’ll say that at the Phonak fitting there was a slight reverb coming from my own voice. He fixed that in a moment but I don’t know what he did. I should have asked.

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I find that I have to increase gain with my Phonak Audeo Paradise R20R’s

I expect to get a remote control for them, because of difficulties using the PHONAK App. I think there is a setting change needed, and expect to clear that when I see my audi again. My App drops the program I select, and I have no notice until I check again.

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With your hearing loss being so different in each ear I can understand the difficulty you have with the More aids.

Right now the Oticon are out performing the Paradise by a good margin.


But can still see some of the issues you had with the meetings. I have heard other Veterans with you type of hearing loss make the comments that they couldn’t understand speech in any type of noisy environments.

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I would echo the sentiments of your impressions here. I had a nearly identical experience (and I notice that we both have asymmetrical loss as well, for whatever that’s worth). I also had Phonaks for almost 2 months with several adjustment sessions with my audiologist, and while he improved some things here and there, the overall ability to separate out once voice from the another competing one in a more complex environment never got where I would have liked. I’ll admit I do really like the features of the Phonaks as far as BT stability and customization and self-tweak options, despite a subpar app UI. Details of my comparisons can be found here: Anyone tried Widex Moment vs Signia AX ? (or Phonak Paradise)

Are you trying any other aids? I’d be curious if you try the Signia AX, which I currently am demoing. I like them quite a bit, and will end up choosing between the Oticons and these (I also posted my impressions with them further down in the same thread linked above).


I wasn’t going to test any others. It will be the Paradise or the More 1.

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Mark, just wondering how long you wore the Oticon and if you had Oticons in the past. I tried the Oticon More 1 for two weeks and struggled. I switched to Phonak and could hear speak better, but I had phonak HA in the past.


I am trialing the Phonak and have only been in it for 8 days. I wore the More 1 for 30 days. I had the Phonak adjusted Wednesday. The gain was increased to 110% of the target and I had the audiologist increase the brightness a bit. Feedback was also adjusted as I was getting some on the left side. We’ll see how they perform now.

I wore the Oticon Alta2 Pro for 3 years (not at all like the More 1) and for the last 3 years I wore the Widex Evoke 440. In the relatively noisy environment I described in my write-up above the More 1 was much better than the Phonak and everywhere else as well save for the music program, though some initial adjustments to Oticon improved it quite a bit. I think with some tweaking that would become a non issue. (Music is where the Evoke excelled) But one thing all four of them have in common; in highly complex environments they’ve all been useless. I just hear noise and watch lips moving.

I really want the Phonak to work as well or close to as well as the Oticon did across the board. If I can get it there I’ll stay with it so I can add the Roger ON iN for help in complex environments. The Phonak also has a much better app allowing a good bit of flexibility in adjusting programs then saving them as a custom program. You can have 10. I have a 45 day trial with them and I’ll know by the end of it which is going to work better for me. But if I had to make the decision today it would without question be the Oticon.

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Mark thanks for your description of your trial.

I have had PHONAK for some years. I’ve had my new Paradise R hearing aids for about 90 days. The App drives me nuts.
I tried “music” recently and love the brightness there. It works better for me than the auto program. I lose track and can’t hear people behind and beside me==that’s my habit. Stay close to the tv or I lose that too.

Good luck with your trial.


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Had the P90s tweaked a second time today. I have some noise situations planned to check them out through the weekend and play further with the app. I like the app and I do like the P90s. But I still prefer the More1. Unless something earth shattering happens in the next few days I’ll be going with the Oticons. I didn’t expect it and was in the habit of rolling my eyes at the rah, rah reviews of the Oticon fan boys but damned if they weren’t right.


No one aid is right for everyone. Being willing to check something else out if one thing doesn’t work out is a mark of maturity. Best wishes for good hearing!



I have to get the wife to read this. :grin:

Well the Paradise was OK. Contrary to many of the problems I’ve read about here I had no problems with the app. I used it to improve performance and based on the things I did in those the audiologist was able to improve them more. BUT, in spite of the many things I like about it, the more simply works better for me. I called the audiologist today and told him I’d be coming in for the More 1. I’m sure that the Roger would improve SIN for me but 90% of my life is not lived in those complex environments and the More 1 simply performed better for me in that 90%. So doubtful I was that the Oticon would work for me as well as it did for some of the folks here but damned if it don’t. So @Volusiano, @cvkemp, @SpudGunner and all the others I get it. I’m a believer!


@Mark_Chambers: Mark, I just wish for you as good performance in those 90% of daily situations as I’m getting from my pair of More1s!


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