Phonak P90 Problems in Test Stage - Streaming - Crackling

Hi to one & all,

I need you help and input to Solve this.
I have tested this on two phones: iPhone 11 Pro & Samsung S20 FE.

Ok let’s begin with Streaming:
While playing music, iPhone Music Player, TuneIn, Youtube or even through the TV Connector
Sound take a massive Dive sound just drops down - then it will get Louder :loud_sound: again, Up & Down.
On top of that if I am outside Streaming everything around me becomes So Loud I have to Stop listening to the music.
Anyone have the same Problem and is there a Fix to this?
Second: Receiving Phone calls, doesn’t matter how they are coming in (Phone, Cell, Whatapp, Treema)
it Crackles like crazy, even when I call someone the Ringing Crackles.
Here again anyone has a Fix for this?

If anyone knows how to fix these two, please give me a step-by-step on how :slight_smile:

Thank You Very Much

Take notes, bookmark videos in question and bring up with your fitter, you’re paying them to solve the issue.

AFAIK there’s nothing you can do, but maybe they can do something in the programming (eg unless the receiver is faulty).

Sound changing sounds like autosense switching between speech and music subprograms. Since there’s no way to affect when it’s switching, one solution would be to tell your fitter to have identical programs.

Loudness outside when streaming - try muting mic of HAs and see what happens (bottom part of the button, long click). Assuming muting is set up. If not, again, ask your fitter to do so, it’s handy.
Another thing is that maybe mic isn’t set to be somewhat quieter than streaming, again, fitter.

Also, you can increase volume on HA by button up (that effectively turns volume down for outside noises) to see if that’s it. You can use app for both - increasing volume of stream and changing the amount of outside sounds that get in (icon bottom right to get that option).
If you have open domes or big vents, then difference won’t be big but you should be able to compare.

Crackles in phone calls, might be programming of that program, try to decribe to your fitter.
Like, some sounds might be overamplified. That is assuming you’re talking about streaming calls, and not acoustic phone (which definitely will overamplify things)

Also, if your fitter didn’t specifically adjust each program, default what Phonak generates might not work for you. So in any case, worth taking notes and examples and make an appointment with your fitter to sort things out.

There is a known issue with Phonak hearing aids crackling with the latest iPhone devices. This can be usually fixed by changing the Bluetooth to fixed bandwidth and rebooting the phone and hearing aids.

Hi Denis can you explain ? do you mean changing to Hearing Aids in iPhone bluetooth settings ?

It’s in the myPhone app, you need to change it from.

what do I need to change from? what to what?

Adaptive Bluetooth to Fixed Bluetooth, I believe.

For your second issue, the crackling on phone calls, I had something with my P90 R and also P90 RT. In my case, the hearing aid is clipping its own output to prevent feedback. I wear vented domes (these new ones are slightly different - they have sort of a flap) and since the hearing aids know they will generate feedback given my audiogram, they self limit and that comes across as a crackling or clipping sound.

Moulds instead of domes are an option. But there isn’t really any way to prevent it if your audiogram demands higher output than the aids can provide without generating feedback. Hence the self-limiting.

As you probably know, this issue with P90s and, in my case, iPhone 11 Pro, has been around a long time. In my case, bluetooth fixed bandwidth doesn’t fix it. The only fix I’ve found is rebooting the phone, which fixes it for a while.

I have the sound dive problem with all three sets, first P90 trial and two sets of P70s with no fix in sight, I’ve tried everything, I have a iphone11 now when I listen to music I just pull em and use my AirPods, shame because I have fitted molds and they sound great when playing at full level until it dives. Very annoying