Phonak P90 drops microphone audio during iPhone calls

I’ve had several instances in the past few weeks when 5-10 minutes into a phone call, the other party suddenly can’t hear my voice. I have to switch to iPhone or speaker audio.

Diagnoses or solutions?

It’s probably the hearing aid programming.:kissing_closed_eyes:
Good to see you back.

Are you sure it’s just your mics that went off?
It has happened to me several times that I have made an accidental double tap, for example, when I scratched my head. And so I have broken off the connection…

Old thread but I don’t see that anyone suggested a solution. I have the same problem and it is definitely not a case of accidently tapping and breaking the connection. The other party simply can’t hear me all of a sudden. So far I haven’t been able to try to switch the audio on the phone (iPhone SE gen2 OS15) to speaker to see if it recovers but really don’t see that as a solution even if it worked.
Anybody else having the problem? Has anybody fixed it?

No solutions and my experience with KS10 and iPhone 13 is slightly different. Namely from the start of the call that I answered (did not initiate) the other person could hear me but reported that the volume was low, slightly muffled, and a real strain to hear me. I was able to switch within the same call to speaker and the other person was happy with their listening experience. Calls were from iPhone to iPhone on Verizon although I doubt that carrier has anything to do with it.

With your situation provide more details: How far away from you was phone when things abruptly changed? When things changed were you able to continue hearing other person?

My hunch is that BT connection to your HAs was dropped; and then prior to your switching to Speaker that for both of you call volume was unsatisfactory as you were listening only thru the phone ear piece, and the mic on the phone was “set” to your being close to the phone (meaning holding it in your hand as a traditional landline) and having its mic set for that proximity.

But none of my speculation is a diagnosis or a solution for you.

Edward, Thanks for responding. The times when this occurred I was holding the phone in my hand, less than two feet away. Since I could hear the other party just fine through the HAs make me think it wasn’t a loss of BT connection. If there are settings that are affected by proximity to the phone I’m not aware of them.