Phonak nios v comparison

I am wearing phonak nios Vs for 6 months now.Can anyone enlighten me as to what other Phonak model these are most comporable to.I am having problem with clarity&background noise also,will post regarding this at later date.TY

You are the best candidate for soundrecover,so stick with Phonak.

You might need to adjustments for the aids to work well for you.

Here is Phonak comparison chart:

Phonak models comparable to NIOS V (with soundrecover) are the Versata Art, Audeo Smart V, Audeo YES V, & Naida V product lines.

In order to really know if you are a candidate for sound recover is using the Ten HL test.
The new affinity comes with such test. It is true that a hearing loss is downward sloping
might have cochlear dead region. On the other hand, if you DO NOT have a cochlear dead region you will be an excelent candidate for a higher bandwith model (which phonak DOES not sell).

What is the importance of the high bandwith? Music?

We only want to understand speech.

thanks to all whom replied:)

I am new to this forum. Ten years ago I had a very frustrating experience with hearing aids but my audiologist says the new technology will help. I believe that is true.

The recommendation for me is the Phonak Nios Micro III or V. Is that what you are using? The information I read on the Phonak web site tells me that the Nios is for children. Is that a concern?

250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K
L 15 35 40 65 75 60
R 15 30 35 60 70 60

To simplify this, if there was a Nios Micro IX in the Neos family it would be the Exelia Art Micro, the premium. Phonak marketing for ya. The numerals III, V, and IX each have the same bells and whistles across each family. The Exelia has all the IX Apps. Get it?
I’m 57 and wanted a thin tube discreet HA. But with my loss the extra Apps in the Exelia Art Micro would not benefit me. I trialed the Neos and liked them, but i wanted more play in the gain in case my hearing gets worst.
At the time i tried the Neos, Phonak did not have the Super Power xReceiver option for the Audeo Yes and Smart RITE.
Hope this helps.
Go to the Phonakpro sites and study study study and learn here too.
Remember in a few months or less the new Spice chip platform replaces the core platform, much faster processing.