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Phonak - Just had a ‘clear your diary’ type of letter from the for the first Friday in November.

That’s basically: We’re launching something big in UHA and this will be your UK roll-out date.


Cool!! because their last platform upgrade, “Belong” left much to be desired.

My guess is that they will take their new SWORD chip that was present only in the Phonak Audéo B-Direct model, enhance the wireless communications, and propagate it to other models in their lineup.

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could it be like an upgrade of the B direct so it streams more than just phone calls? had an wierd experiense today when my kid watched youtube and a phonecall came it… i could hear the YT video loud n clear in my hearing aid plus the phonecall… i got a bit confused “this arent suposeto work”

I think it’s got to be Phonak MFi.

They’ve been so far behind the curve on this and the interim product has limits.

There’s plenty of juice in their rechargeable system to run it, I’m wondering why it’s taken so long to get right. Phonak used to lead the Wireless product onto the market from the early MLx and WatchPilots; you do wonder who’s now running their product development strategy roadmap - 'cause it’s clearly not someone with their ear to the ground in terms of consumer demand. Even Starkey have working MFi product out there.


Personally i wouldn’t consider the lack of MFi as a sign that they’re behind. There are a lot more android phones and iPhones. I’m a great fan of them supporting android. In that sense i would say they’re leading the field rather than following up/lacking. But that’s just my point of view on this :slight_smile:


Their non-MFi streaming is pretty lame; underfeatured and not nearly as useful. IMO it was a big miss.

Ummm, no, Stephen: It will be a while before you see a workable rechargeable with a 2.4 gHz radio.

Austin-based Audiotoniq tried this, and even with a BTE the size of a Naida UP couldn’t get it to work (at the time).

Phonak will be rolling out their 2nd gen SWORD radio chip (we get it next month!), which will support Bluetooth A2DP 2.3 streaming, now that it has gone off patent a few weeks ago.

This SWORD chip will introduce flash-upgradeable firmware; but Roger compatibility is coming in the 3rd gen chip, due out next March or so.

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It seems that the USA market is the last place to have the newest Phonak hearing aids. Europe gets the new SWORD versions when we are just getting the BELONG versions. I will be doing some testing to see if the Naida B UP are better than Naida V UP for profound hearing losses. I think the 70 version with better wind program than the 50 version. I think the 90 technology level will be a big waste of money for those with profound hearing losses.

SWORD is the chip used in BELONG products. As far as i understand it. See YouTube

SWORD 2nd gen will be for the next gen hearing aid. Whatever they decide they should be named. (Assuming @Discpad is right, didn’t see any reference to his knowledge).

Yeah, this is the rumor I heard. So along with roger compatibility, flexible demo units like the Unitron Flex.

Thanks for the update.

Sorry, that’s not what I was asking in terms of other manufacturers.
If Phonak make a working BLE aerial using the available voltage then it answers the main question. The FM stuff will just have to be a lumpy add-on - like it nearly always has been.

Yes, this is what I anticipate. Although it must be somewhat smaller if they intend it to be given to everyone, with upgrade pathways into FM. Perhaps it will also allow for rechargeable power BTEs? I don’t like the phonak rechargeable option, but it has apparently been quite successful for them in reducing repairs.

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Hope you are right and Phonak have finally come to their senses.

Stephen, you’re conflating H/N band analog FM with digital audio transmission.

No idea why you need to keep referring to me in person, but you clearly haven’t read the post above that said about Phonak doing BLE on this iteration

If you’re also passing on the info that the type of FM in use wlll benefit the users then great. Otherwise it looks like you’re point-scoring over the method/semantics.

However you dress it up, Phonak are miles behind the curve on this.