Phonak nano vs. soundlens

I have been wearing the phonak for about a week and I am generally happy with the performance. However, the left side is somewhat visible, the face plate is flush. I initially tried Lyric and had an immediate problem with the same ear. I am curious is anyone has experience with both the Phonak Nano and Soundlens, and whether the Soundlens would fit any differently in the ear.


I think how far in the canal they fit is more a matter of how wide/long/shape your canal is. My canals did not meet the suggested size for the Soundlens. However, Starkey went ahead and made a set that fit pretty darn good. I suppose if you got right up to my ears, and looked in with a flashlight you might see a part of them. They definatly fit farther in then a normal CIC but not totally invisible either.

maybe youre not pushing it in deep enough? iirc, its supposed to go to the 2nd bend in the ear canal…

I am curious if there is any difference in quality between both.