Phonak Naida

Hey all!

I am new to this forum, so I will start with a brief introduction!

My name is Jenny, I am 18 years old and live in Toronto Ontario. I have had hearing loss since birth and wore hearings aids from the age of 2 until the age of 12. When I turned 12 I decided I didn’t want to wear them anymore (mostly because i was a vain pre-teen starting at a new school) and stopped. I am a good speech reader and at the time my loss was only moderate-moderatly severe. Since then my loss has progressed to profound. I have been using Phonak Savia Arts which now give me no benifit. Next week I am trying the Phonak Naida.

I have a few questions for those of you using it or planning on trying it.

For starters I have heard all of these amazing stories of everything people are hearing with them. I am trying them next week bouncing off the walls with anticipation and I don’t want to have any high hopes just incase they don’t work for me. If you do use them, or are planning on trying them what are you thresholds likes? What is your speech discrim like? What aids were you using before? How much did they help? What differences in sound quality have you noticed?

My most recent audiogram (done last Tuesday) looks like this…

Air conducted, right ear: 250hz-100db, 500hz-100db, 1000hz-90db, 2000hz-100db, 3000hz-90db, 4000hz-110db, and I did not respond to 6000hz or 8000hz at all.

Air conducted, left ear: 250hz-95db, 500hz-105db, 1000hz-100db, 1500hz-115db, 2000hz-110db, and I did not respond to 3000hz, 4000hz, 6000hz, or 8000hz.

My bone conducted results are fairly similar maybe better by about 5 db.

My speech discrim was 0% on that test as well.

My audie has never worked with Naida’s before so she has no idea what I can expect. I know all hearing loss is different and no two people react the same way to aids, but I want to know if anyone with similar thresholds have had success with aids, not just Naida’s. I guess I am just so sick of waiting to see if things will work LOL I am very much the kind of person who likes to plan ahead and know what to expect!

Anyway feel free to post anything about high powered aids, Naida’s, profound loss, or anything else!

Hi JennyB,

The Naida’s technically have a fitting range suitable to your hearing loss and are generally very Powerful hearing aids. They use a new high tone (Frequency) compression system that takes sounds from the area of your hearing where you did not hear and puts them into lower frequencies where you can hear. This generally means better understanding, but does require your brain to retrain itself to make optimal use of the new sounds (as it may sound quite strange at the start). People generally start hearing (understanding) better after around 1 month of using them consistently, but this adaptation (brain getting used to new sound) can progress for several months after that. However with each aid you have to try and see if it gives you what you want and need.

The cool thing about the Naida is that you can now use it with the iCom device which gives you access to cellphones, MP3 players etc!

Have a look at

Have you ever been told about cochlear implantation?

a cochlear implant is the way to go


yes I have been told about cochlear implantation. I am going for an initial assesment in a few weeks with a cochlear implant audiologist. That being said, I do not want to go that route at this time. I have many reasons for that choice right now.

I am hoping I can get a bit of sound from the Naidas. If I can get more background noise and even muffled speech sounds I will be very happy. If I can get anything out of music I will also be happy. I don’t think I have very high expectations.

Thanks for the information!

Please let us know how you go and good luck! :slight_smile: Ask your Aud to turn down the noise reduction as it will give you more background noise. Also have her make sure she has the extended BassBoost feature turned on.

Hey all,

My audie sent me an email and my appointment to get my new aids is next Monday at 2:00pm. We were hoping for something this week but my audie has never worked with these aids before and I am super picky about the programming so she wants a rep to come to my appointment to help her. Though I don’t know how picky I can be about the programming…guess it depends on what sound I get from the aids!!

Kinda bummed about having to wait a week…oh well.

Same here . The doctor at hearing clinic suggested for me the Naida hearing aids and also the Audie there never tried adjust them , and first i was very sceptical about the Naida , bec i had so so experience with present Phonak perseo 311 , but after reading the brochures about the Naida hearing aids , i decided to give it a chance because , my hearing loss is to profound to serve and i did spend 5 month wait for power version of the Epoc and it have been postponed and i am feed up waiting , The Naida seems to be my dreaming hearing aid , so bad for you Americans that u have pay so much for them , when i get it for free here in Denmark at Hospital , only bad thing here is that there is 6 month wait time to get audiology test at Hearing clinic and 3 month wait for get them at adjustment Department . But i am so happy that they showed me Naida hearing aids , and i am look forward to hear how ur experience is with the Naida ,. Heinz

I’m not American, I am Canadian.

Though I do need to pay for my aids, I get $1000 from the government to go towards them, and my insurance covers another $1000. They are still expensive even with the $2000 off (that is for the pair, not per aid)

I also don’t have to wait for hearing tests, or anything else. I called to book an audiogram in January and had an appointment within the week. I also can get appointments for adjustments within a day or two of trying to book it. Sometimes I can get in same day.

My audiologist is also a SAINT! I love her and wouldn’t trade her for a different audie ever! I am lucky she is young and just starting her career so I won’t need to worry about her retiring on me anytime soon!

certainly Phonak had nailed with the frequency compression (ia: transposition)… I would think it will be hard for other manuf… to follow…

Widex had tried with little success. Inteo had not been a terribly succesful
product. The bar has been set high for others to follow…

It will be interesting to see how other companies will respond

Also here u can choose get hearing aid at private clinic and gov pays 5000 Dkr = 1100 us $ per hearing aid , and u have pay rest urself , and no wait time …

Consider this , what is an American ? Why have the USA taken patent on being an American ?
Canadians must also be Americans when they live on the Continent America, same as USAans , isnt it better call people from USA USAans as we call u Canadians or as we Danish are called Europeans because we live in Europe and people in Denmark Scandinavians too bec we live in Scandinavia he he . .

just a interesting point of view , also if native language in North America had been Portuguese or Spanish , your continent could risk had being called Amerigo instead of America perhaps . :slight_smile:

wish U Good luck with the Hearingaids and hope u get them soon so i can read how u like them , …

Jenny -

You sound like my identical twin. Your history is identical to mine, same school history and everything, except I’m 47 and was mainstreamed in the 60’s without any help really from the school system, and I live in the US.

During your earlier school years, did you have any help at all with FM systems in school? I was just curious as to what they are doing now. Unfortunately, I don’t have the Naidas, so I can’t help on your original question. :eek:


Did your parents allow you not to wear a HI when you where 12?

You just decided you did not wanted to use the HI and your family say OK?

I would talk to an audi about a cochlear implant for sure, if you are willing

to go with all the procedure, the surgery, the rehabilitation and what not…

Certainly if you comit to it, it can make a real difference…

I did use an FM system when I was younger. It did help.

Right now, I am doing all of my work independently. I am going to start back into group classes next week with circle seating and we will see how that helps. If the Naidas help (I GET THEM IN 2 HOURS!!) I will be using an FM again, as well as the circle seating.

It wasn’t just I woke up one morning and decided not to wear them, and my parents said okay. It was a big fight. I ‘lost’ a lot of hearing aids, and fought them tooth and nail about wearing them. I would lock myself in my room and refuse to go to my audi, or the ENT doctors. It was a long battle and evetually they gave up. Honestly I don’t regret going 6 years without them because I can guarentee you that my speech reading wouldn’t be as good as it is if I had used them all along. I was just sick of all of the doctors, all of the appointments, all of kids teasing me, I was about to start at a new school and wanted a fresh start.

I don’t want to do the CI right now. I spoke to my ENT about it and he agreed that if it isn’t something I want to do 100% I shouldn’t do it. I am just not at that point right now, and there are many reasons that I would be happy to share if you wanted to know. It’s just not the right thing for me right now. Maybe, down the road, it will be - but not now.

I have a lot of kids clients, I know what you are going through-
But for what is worth, most of the audis/His would agree an implant
is the way to go…

Ill like to see how you do in your journey

Oh yeah, I know that. I know that my audi probably thinks that too but she knows me well and knows not to push me. She is willing to work with me with the hearing aids and that is all i want to do right now.

That being said - I tried the Naidas! There were problems with the left one, it stopped being able to connect to the computer after about 15 minutes. The rep couldn’t figure out why, nor could the technical support at Phonak. So the left aid is being sent back, and since I can’t wear just one because it makes me feel off balance I am going to still be in silence until friday when I should get them back.

From the 15 minutes I had them on I was able to hear voices again but I couldn’t discriminate what either my audi or the rep were saying. The rep said that it should get better with time, and so should my own speech. My audi is going to hook me up with a good SLP here to work with on that. Anyway I heard more than I was expecting to hear! I don’t care if I ever hear speech again, and my audi knows that. What is important to me is music. I am a musician, I sing, play guitar, clarinet, piano, mandolin, saxophone, and ukulele. If I can get enough from the aids to do that okay I will be more than happy. We shall see what happens. I am more than willing to put in the work that is required to get the most out of these new aids!

You are 100% right in not doing the CI right now. Once done, that’s it, it destroys the anatomy of your inner ear and there’s nothing that can be done to undo it. You’re only 18 I think you said, you are very young, and you have a whole lifetime ahead of you. Do not let anyone push you into doing the CI this young. See how much you get by with the Naidas (be prepared for alot of adjusting - I think the adjusting has to do with overly aggressive setting of the compression by the audi’s - which I do not think is their fault - Phonak kept the Naida very close to their chest and only recently released information and the audi’s have little experience or training with it - for this I lay the blame with Phonak and their inability to release information ahead of actual market introduction).

The adjustment to Naida will be huge, so be very, very patient (hard for someone so young). :smiley:


I am a patient person hehe, I know it is going to be a huge adjustment. I realised that in the 15 minutes that I had them on. Again, I am lucky to have a saint of an audiologist who is going to work with me and stuff.

I am from the USA, 49 years old. Our stories and losses are very similar. I may be 5 db above you at most freqs and only have NRs in one ear. My discrim hovers around 0 also.

I tried the Naida’s for almost three weeks. They were nice, they are loud. When the aud first fit them, the Phonak rep was there, I was jolted off the chair from the volume. I made them turn the volume down and they flattened something so that sharp noises (dinner plates banging) were not so loud. I had been trying the Savia 311 dsz forte, and I felt the Savia’s allowed me to understand speech a little better. So I am back on those.

I will be trying the Exelia SP soon. Although not as powerful as the Naida, the processing algorithms seem to be an upgrade from the Savia type of processing. The Naida seem to be targeted toward power and the ability to compress NR frequencies down to regions that are still audible.

I think you will like the Naida’s. I would have purchased them if I had not been trying the Savia beforehand and then had the option to try the Exelia.

I have also been recommended for a CIs and am avoiding them for the same reasons you are. I will try to work with HAs as long as I can.

Keep us posted.


My thresholds have actually dropped since that initial post, I am now have NR’s from 2000hz and up in my left ear, and 3000hz and up in my right. I hope it stops here…even for a few months!

I also used to use Savias, they didn’t work for me though. I have to much high frequecy loss for them to do anything. I could barely notice a difference between not wearing them, and wearing them…other then they made me feel dizzy. The Naidas didn’t make me feel dizzy at all, though they weren’t at the full experience level. I found them a little to quiet actually.

Now I am just anxously awaiting Friday when I actually get them!