Phonak Naida V

Hi Guys , thought I should share you my experience and let me know your opinion.

I use Phonak Naida V30Up in both ears
I also have V50 UP as a back up.

For mobile and streaming I use Compilot Air II.

I do my own programming,and have tried all the permutations and combinations till I get the right combination that suits me.

I find the following combination works for me:-

1.Ear mould:- Hard, as it reduces chances of ear infection and irritation, and is suitable for long hours usage

  1. Fitting Software;- DSL V5 adult. The sounds are clearer and sharper. I have tried NAL and Adpative Phonak Digital, but I find DSL more clearer in speech

3.Always choose “Damped”,it provides more power in sound.

4.By default , Occlusion is selected.But I change to Hearing settings to 0.9-1.1mm for left, and right 1.7-2mm , it provides more power and comfort to my hearing.

5.Noiseblock I select to max, this reduces noise

6.Ultrazoom is not comfortable for me, I change to real ear or Fixed directional.

7.MPO I choose to max 137db.

Overall this works for me, and call/music quality via Compilot is crystal clear…

Felt above combination after a lot experimentation should be shared to you.However it may not be suitable for all, it also depends on the range of your loss.

Let me know your opinion…

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  1. I agree hard ear moulds are better in terms of how wet my ears get but they aren’t suitable for someone who is profoundly deaf.

  2. I use DSL v5 Pediatric fitting formula. It provides more gain.

  3. I choose undamped as it allows me more gain.

  4. I have no vents in my ear mould but I’ve selected 0.8mm vent. I feel it sounds a lot better.

  5. I have NoiseBlock set to weak as I feel if it’s set to max, it also takes away clarity of speech.

  6. I like UltraZoom but everyone one is different.

  7. My max MPO is 131 dB for my conductive loss.

I use a ComPilot Air and I love it.

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