Phonak Naida - Trials and Tribulations

Hello to all… my first post here.

I have had progressive sensorineural hearing loss for over 20 yrs, though the last 5 years have seen very little change… woo hoo. I’ve been wearing hearing aids throughout this time and switched to digitals 6 years ago with Starkey Endeavors. My current loss is:

Freq R L
250 50 35
500 60 65
1k 95 85
2k 120 120
4k 120 120
8k 105 105

I’ve been trialling the Naidas for almost 2 weeks now. On the 1st fitting, the sound was awful, and speech was mostly unintelligible. High notes were scratchy and distorted, not to mention uncomfortable. So on the next fitting, I had my HIS (who is new to Phonak) reduce the gain, and raise the kneepoint a bit. This helped quite a bit, and brought the Naidas on a par with my current Starkeys. While playing around, I switched over to the phone setting, and my oh my!! All of a sudden, the world sprung into life. I could hear the fridge humming, I heard the fountain flowing at the other end of the house, and joy of joy… I heard my cat meow for the first time ever!! I am hooked on these little gadgets, and the sounds I’m now hearing, though I still can’t hear the birds.
So I went for another fitting, and my HIS adjusted the main program, so that thresholds were the same as the phone program, and she toyed with the other programs as well. Well, they now sound ok, but life is still very, very quiet. Ambient sounds are not picked up the way they are in the phone program, for whatever reason. The phone program seems to be ‘boomier’, and sound carries over distance, whereas in regular programs, any speech sounds like it is being called out through a megaphone from Mars, and ambient sounds of life aren’t noticeable at all. Turning up the volume only seems to create more distortion, so doesn’t help.
Is there any way my HIS can adjust the settings of regular programs, to sound as loud as they do in the phone setting? If so, how is the best way to achieve this?
Any and all help is much appreciated.

Ask your audi to change to microphone settings in the main (automatic) program from real ear sound, to omnidirectional, see if this helps. Real ear sound is the default, and may not be working for you.


Thanks soooo much Pigtailpat… I think that might just work.:slight_smile: