Phonak Naida S IX SP

can anybody plz tell me about the performance of naida s IX sp??its for a 7 year old girl who has severe to profound hearing loss in both the ears…if its not gud, can u suggest me another hearing aid…

You won’t be able to get the Naida IX s in junior aids coz phonak believe most of the features, children won’t be able to use.

You are better getting the Vs.

Phonak stopped differentiating between Jr and regular products with Naida S. To my knowledge all Phonak devices are compatible with their Paediatric fitting (Junior Mode) regardless of whether they’ve got a Jr abbreviation or not. The only difference between the two is the default options of a tamper-proof battery door and paediatric tone hook. These can be requested at the time of order for the Naida SP and UP devices.

They’re good aids. I’m not sure many of the extra features available in the IX over the V are going to be of any benefit for a 7 year old as most require some form of manual control. The only real benefit would be if your child is very musical as the IXs have automatic switching/mixing into a music destination whereas this is only available as a manually accessible program in the Vs. If you’re paying for them yourself then I’d save some money and get the V’s instead. If it’s a progressive or more profound than severe loss then UPs might be better.

Discuss things with your audiologist. Even if they’re fit perfectly make sure they verify the performance of the aids using age-appropriate tests. This combined with your feedback from everyday life and her continuing progress is the only real way of telling whether she’s getting sufficient benefit from them. A three month trial period should give you a good indication though.

One thing with the Naida SP & UP BTEs, make sure you have plenty of spare microphone protectors, as the extra moisture protection and reliability they provide is limited by the need to change them more frequently (once every 3 to 6 months for many children). Not changing them frequently enough can mean things sounding muffled if they’re too blocked up. It’s probably a fair trade-off for most people and they’re pretty easy to change. It’s just something else to keep an eye on.

thank u so much…
but my audiologist s actually recommending endura 12 channel…nd he says dat its performance is much better than naida IX…any comments???

there’s an Oticon Safari SP she might try :slight_smile: but the Vs are good in Naida’s opinion. (I only have the Safari’s P version which works well for me)

The Naidas IX have 20 channels and I assume that the Endura 12 channel aid has 12 channels so no the Naidas would be better.

I would say the Naidas would be a more appropriate choice for a child. I haven’t fit any sonic innovations aids, as they aren’t one of the better supported manufacturers where I’m based. Are you paying for these yourself? I would pick the Naida’s for a child for soundrecover alone.