Phonak Naida Q70 Receiver wire broken

After removing my hearing aids last night, I gently wiped them off with a tissue to remove the exterior moisture like usual. The wire connecting the receiver to the right aid broke off where it connects to the receiver. I have had these aids a little over two years and they are still in warranty. I have used receiver in canal aids for about six years. This is the first failure I have had. The connecting wire on the these Phonaks is thinner than the wire was on the Siemens aids.

I left a message with my audi today. Is this a repair that can be completed in the office or will it have to be sent to a repair center? I expect the receiver’s can be changed without too much trouble.


If it is like my Brio’s 312t and it broke at the receiver, it will take about a minute to put on a new receiver. There is a very small pin on the side of the aid. You press on it to slide it out part way and the wire connector comes right out.

The wire and receiver are removable from the body of the aid. Your audi should be able to clear that up in about 3 seconds.

My audi called this morning. They are mailing me a new receiver with instructions for replacement. I should have it in a couple of days.

It is still under warranty. I wonder how much a replacement would cost post warranty?


I don’t know how much your audi would charge you, but their cost is about $60.

Would you believe it? The left aid broke the same way this morning while it was in my ear. I guess I found my aids MTBF (mean time between failure). It is a good thing I had the “tail” on it. It gave something to remove the broken receiver from my ear.

I called the audi. The replacement for the right had already been mailed. The one for the left is now on the way.

I work for the Army and move around a lot. After trying to find audiologists in several locations, I gave up and always to return to Michael Knapp in Orange Park, FL. He is a master at programming my aids. I have never been able to find another with his skills. He also provides excellent service.

Sorry for the plug, but he really is good.