Phonak NAIDA Q

I currently have the Naida IX UP. Excellent hearing aids. I work in a very busy pharmacy and the phones are a major problem. I currently use the plantronics voyager 500 with neck loop.
The sound is poor cause hearing aids telicoil have many interferences.
I was recommended the PHONAK NAIDA Q 90 ALONG With easy call or phonak dect phone.
We use the cisco multi line 796. I need to have the phone to direct transmit directly to my aids this will eliminate the interference
can the phonak dect connect to the cisco phone and transmit directly to my hearing aids???
Can phonak easy call connect to cisco phone and transmit to hearing aids???
Phonak ComPilot Air according to phonak is the correct one

The voyager 500 hub is 7 years old… what is the recommended blue tooth hub??

I spent thousands of dollars so far trying to get this resolved.

Your advise is greatly appreciated

Scott Sattler, RPH

Neither recommendation will work. The Phonak EasyCall is designed to be used with a Bluetooth cell phone; it won’t work with your Cisco phone. The Phonak DECT phone requires an analog phone line (such as the one in your home) which is different from the Ethernet voice-over-IP system that the Cisco phone uses in your office.

The best solution would be the Phonak ComPilot along with the Plantronics MDA200 hub and SSP 2714-01 Bluetooth adapter. Note that you don’t need to purchase new hearing aids to use this solution; it will work with your current Naída IX UP.

Thanks for the info

How does the compilot transmit to my hearing aids? I’m trying to avoid telicoil cause of the hum.
I see they make compilot air 2


The ComPilot uses near-field magnetic induction to communicate with the hearing aids. The ComPilot II and ComPilot Air II work the same way, but they can only be used with Phonak’s Venture-series hearing aids.

The neck loop of the Compilot is an antenna, sending signals from bluetooth to your HA’s.

I have used both traditional t coil and Compilot technologies with my aids. Both systems are not interdependent with each other and must work as stand alone systems. While the t coil neck loops hum from electro inducted field, this does not occur with the Compilot and neck loop.

Yes! This is what I use on my office phone and it works very well. I have Resound hearing aids and the Resound Phone Clip+ bluetooth device, but the theory is the same. The MDA200 can also connect to a computer if you use Lync or some other computer phone. I use it on a Cisco 7942 with a headset port. You will need the Plantronics EHS cable for your specific phone. The MDA200 is the replacement for the Voyager 500a so if you already have the EHS cable, I believe it is the same (but verify).

Listen to Rasmus. This is what you need.

How does the compilot transmit to the hearing aids? I’m trying to avoid telicoil s

Also many blue tooth hubs the one you recommended Plantronics MDA200 hub and SSP 2714-01 Bluetooth adapter

Will this work with the cisco ip 7961?

There are two parts to the plantronics hub why two parts

The SSP 2714-01 is a Plantronics modified BT300 bluetooth usb dongle that makes the bluetooth connection to the ComPilot. The MDA200 is a box that connects to your desk phone and to your computer. With the SSP 2714-01 plugged into the MDA200 you can do PC phone stuff such as Skype or Lync on the computer to your aids through the ComPilot, or use your desk phone through the ComPilot to your aids.

I got the dongle yesterday, and it works fine by itself in my laptop for Skype. Just waiting for the MDA200 to arrive to tie it all together with my Avaya desk phone.

Just try it.

These people can probably help you with the hardware.

After you get it, and read the instructions and get it set up, if you have questions let me know. I had to set the settings on the bottom of my MDA200 to 2, 2, A to get rid of my voice feeding back in my ear but your setup might be different.