Phonak Naida Q 90-SP

I bought two of these last December. Though very good to start with the sound became what I can only call strident and uncomfortable to listen to. The audiologist insists that the performance of these aids cannot vary with time and can only be altered using the equipment she has. I am thus left with two aids whose performance is so strident that I cannot tolerate them and have reverted to my old HNS ones. Has anyone had a similar experience with these aids?

Why don’t you get her to adjust them for you? And/or to re-test your hearing?

That will be the auto acclimatisation on the aids. It just needs tuning down so that the final value is a bit lower and resetting so you get another chance to adjust to the level.

She has retested my hearing and readjusted the aids three times and the strident tone remains. There must be an answer but she cannot find it. My next move will be a strong complaint to Boots Audiology HQ in the hope that they are sufficiently interested to do something - such as programming two new same model aids and seeing if they exhibit the same faults.

Please forgive my delayed reply - hospital. Would you be kind enough to explain what auto acclimatisation is? And is it something with which my audiologist ought to be conversant?

Have you replaced the earhook and tubing? The damper inside the hook can become clogged and affect the sound quality.

Starting to wear aids is a shock. Typical is to set them softer than what’s called for. In the past, you’d visit and get them turned louder. Auto acclimatization does it automatically from the program in measured steps.

It’s a method that starts aids on a lower prescription and gradually over weeks brings up the level of your hearing.

Anybody programming them should be aware of it.

It also seems like they aren’t doing a R.E.M. to check the level the hearing aids are putting out.

I turned them down the moment I left the Audi. Office. Probably was in shock from all the new sounds and my own voice booming thru the Mics. I like them better at a lower volume, set to the point that I can hear without straining.
i will increase bit by bit as I get acclaimed.