Phonak Naida P30 versus P90

I am wondering if there is significant difference between the sound quality of P30 and P90. The latter has added features which might not be useful for me, given the vast difference of the prices of the two. I was using a pair of Naida V70 and changed to Naida B30. I noted an improvement of speech recognition from the B30, but the quality of the sound from streaming music through a compilotII was not as good as the V70. The sound has a hollow and boomy quality. Recently I’ve got a Naida P30. There is further improvement of the speech recognition particularly with the new prescription, but the quality of the streamed music is stil inferior to the V70. I’m wondering if the lower number of channels affects the quality of streamed music. I wonder if any body has experience of different levels of the same generation notice any improvement of the quality of streamed music.

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Not a lot at all, mostly the noise reduction, echo, music features, just depends on your environment, if your home a lot, one on one conversations you’d be ok with a P30, on the other hand, if your out and about at the mall, socializing at the bar or work meetings, you’d be better to go P70 or P90.

This is easily adjusted in the software, it takes time to get music to sound just how you like it, whether listening at home or streaming directly.
Plenty of posts on the forum about this.

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The ComPilot programs can be easily adjusted.

The Paradise streaming program can also be adjusted to allow music to sound a lot better.

I know these are old Aids but I had a pair of Phonak Naida S III (2011- basic Aids) and they gave me really good sound. I’m currently using Phonak Sky V70 and the sound has never been as good compared to the Naida S III. Think most of it, is how well it’s programmed rather then technology.

Reason why I say, it’s how it’s programmed is, I actually find speech and streaming quality to not be as good if SoundRelax, NoiseBlock and WindBlock is set to anything but 0. The P30 will only have NoiseBlock I believe.

Thank you very much tenkan and zebra for the advice. As I’m retired and at home a lot, there is really no point to dish out the extra expenses for a higher model.