Phonak Naida Marvel SP connecting issue

Hi everyone ! I’m presently wearing the Phonak Naida Marvel SP. I am very satisfied with them. the only problem is that they seem to have a connecting issue with PC Bluetooth. They work well in the begin but after 10minnutes or long they will cut in and cut out. Does anyone meet this problem?

Do you have a phone paired and connected to the aids too?
They could be competing for connection to the aids.

Yes but no, when I need to connect PC. I turn off the Bluetooth on the iPhone. I don’t know if this issue happen on Phonak Audeo Marvel.

Do you experience this when you’re connected to any other device? I know sometimes the bluetooth on my Audéo Marvels goes weird; it’ll cut out for a quick second and then come back. Never had it disconnect all the way though after a certain time.

distance between the aids and the computer could be an issue, also any other bluetooth signals in the area can cause interference, as can 2.4 gig WIFI signals. And I have even seen computer bluetooth to time out due to other things going on on the computer, it all depends on the computer OS and how it is set up to handle all needed chores. Sorry I am a retired IT person and I have seen some of this before, and some of it never figured out what was causing it.

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Agreeing with cvkemp.
I have read that a Bluetooth dongle can improve signal reliability compared to onboard PC Bluetooth. Try searching dongle Bluetooth, might shed some light.

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I don’t experience this on my iPhone. I only met this issue on my PC or Laptop. I agree with cvkemp I think onboard PC Bluetooth is not very reliable because it also has WiFi function this may cause interference. I will try to search dongle Bluetooth.

Yeah, Definitely I will try to search dongle Bluetooth Hope it can solve this issue.

Thanks! I will try dongle Bluetooth and hope it can solve this issue

I’ve the dongle BlueTooth USB and What I’ve just discovered is I’ve got to not only disconnect the WIFI & BlueTooth on the phone and then Power down (shut off) the Iphone 5S then I can pair and then CONNECT to the PC. This was 'bout a weeks learning curve. NOW I can get a actual connect. When I’m setting at my desk if front of my computer and I want to use my phone I then have to turn off BlueTooth on the computer and re-establish the BlueTooth on the Iphone. I’m the new owner of a pair of Unitron BTE Moxifit, 3 weeks now, and I’m wanting to: have conversations; watch TV; watch YouTube videos and music and of course use the cell phone. But, I never in the world would have realized the absolute pain it would take to keep switching back and forth and NO-ONE seemed to know EXACTLY how to do these things, NO support. I had to figure these functions out for myself. I’m trying to get a second TV Connector for one at work and one at home for better connectivity. I forgot to mention that I work in a IT department, so, I’m familiar with most technologies. I’m concerned for the less experienced users. I can only imagine that they feel like they have paid a lot for a very confusing piece of technology.


The TV Connector has been used with great results on PC’s and laptops.


As easier approach is to turn off the Bluetooth on my phone if I want to connect to a pc or other device. That’s the easiest. Or You can disconnect from your phone but be sure to click on “forget this device” or the phone will quickly reconnect. I suspect that’s what was happening. Don’t be afraid to forget this device. It easily repairs when you open and close your hearing aids- on mine by opening and closing the battery compartment.
Hope this is helpful.

A LOT of opening and closing the battery compartment doors (I only hope they’re durable and will last). And “Forget This Device” is also used. I just wasn’t prepared for the extra “Technology Stress”. Now I’m getting crackle when I listen to YouTube. Something new to deal with.

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Yes Raudrive… Therein lies the answer, tis what I use for my computer/iMac and still stay connected to my iPhone, before I switched to the the TV Connector, Bluetooth on the iMac was a bit of a hit or a miss with dropped connections, but now it’s spot on. Cheers Kev :slight_smile:

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Well, it’s been a year and a half since joining the HA club. Hindsight, I feel I got took to the cleaners. At almost $5500 for a pair of hearing aids from a high end provider. Almost a year ago I lost the left one. I was very financially challenged (broke) at the time. So, now I’m runnin’ on half hearing, just the right side. I’ve been avoiding Costco for a number of reasons, money being one. But what’s the overall opinion of the Costco HA’s? I’ll go join up if it looks like you guys are fans of Costco. bjr

Some folks are fans. Some have a jaded view. I’m in the middle. If you get a good hcp, you will likely have a good experience. Lousy hcp? Maybe you need to diy to take care of setup. Really appreciate my audiologist more and more. She called me out of the blue to tell me about new stuff she could send me.


If you use the search button from right here on hearingtracker, you’ll find quite a few posts on this matter, it seems overwhelmingly positive for most, the HAs being offered are top notch, nothing wrong there, but as @WhiteHat has mentioned, the audiologist is what counts in-store, but as mentioned again,their HAs are easily adjusted yourself with the correct software and hardware if you wanted to go that route.