Phonak Naida Marvel M90 SP serial number

I bought 2 Phonak Naida Marvel M90 SP hearing aids.
I’d want to know which is the format serial number of these models, because I didn’t receive them with the box (with serial number and manufacturing day).
I saw the serial number into the Battery compartment, but I’m not sure if them are new or were used for demo or trial.
Thank you!
Previously I used 2 Phonak Naida Venture V70 SP and them was into the box.

They have to be new unless you returned them for repair. At least here in the USA they cannot sale you used hearing aids, because they are a medical device.

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I would ask why no box or instructions

You can check the serial numbers with phonak target software, this will give the warranty information
(start and end of warranty period)
Usually the first two numbers of the serial number is the date of manufacture.

In the web the serial numbers are invalid.

Where did you buy these aids?

In a Phonak store in Argentina

Ok that would explain this, so they are year 2020, you would need phonak target software set for Argentina to check the warranty period, what country are you resident in at the moment?

Thank you for your answer.
I’m in Argentina actually.
My audiology already calibrated them with the target software.
My question is if my hearing aids are new or they were used for testing or demo or trial, because
I can’t register them in with the serial number.
The serial number appears invalid in the web page.