Phonak Naida Marvel M90 SP battery life


Can you tell me your experiences about the battery life in the PHONAK NAIDA MARVEL M90 SP hearing aids?
I bought them 3 days ago and I use bluetooth for music, Phone calls, TV connector and Roger Select IN.
The batteries are 13 zinc air.

Thank you!

I have same features and am only getting about 5-6 days usage

I can verify 5-6 days.

I use Power One size 13 batteries and they tend to last 6 days with my Naida M90 BTEs. I used the same batteries in my previous Ambra BTE aids and they tended to last for 8 to 9 days. The difference may be that the Compilot that I used with the Ambras died after a couple of years. But with the Naida M90 BTE aids, I am using the TV connector a lot more to stream media, so it is probably using a lot more juice.

Thank you for your answer!
Are you having good experiences with this hearing aid?
I bought it 3 days ago and I am having problems with connection to Roger Select IN.
It automatically disconnects sporadically.
It makes the disconnect sound several times and I have to turn off the Roger Select microphone.

Can you tell us more?
Like, are you using the mic as mic and it messes up?
Are the HAs BT connected for calls and media with the phone at the same time?

Does select reconnects or just disconnects?

I can’t recall if select gives me sound when it goes off, but switch to default autosense after I turn the mic off definitely happens. So if you can check, what are tones you hear, autosense on (those 3 pings or how much) or something else?

If you’re unsure how autosense sounds, open the app, choose any other program and then choose autosense. That sound is only for autosense. Then compare with what you hear when select gives you problems.

This happens when I make the Select microphone connection (pressing the connect key for 3 seconds). It doesn’t always happen. It is ocassionally.
The autosense tone (3 pings) is heard several times and is only resolved by turning off the Select microphone.
Whenever I stop using the microphone, I disconnect it by pressing the connect button for 7 seconds, because I have another Roger microphones (Roger pen and normal select) and I use one of them at a time.

My HAs BT are connected for calls and media with the phone at the same time when the connection issue with the Roger microphones happens.

But I don’t think this is the problem.
I am thinking there may be a problem with the hearing aids hardware or the integrated receivers (Roger direct) whose licenses were installed from Roger Select IN.

What is your opinion?


I don’t have to disconnect when I swap over what Roger Mic I use. I just press connect on my next Roger Mic I’m using.

Which hearing aids do you have Zebras?
In my previous HA (Naida Venture) with Roger 18 integrated receivers I don’t need to disconnect the Roger microphones, but with this new model (Naida Marvel), I disconnect them when I use another microphone, because I had this problem (autosense sounds several times)

Ah, I have a feeling about what could be the problem.

You have regular pen and select, not iN versions if I caught correctly?

Kill the BT on pens and selects. If I remember correctly, long press on green call button for like 7 sec, until you see orange light. And then don’t activate BT on pens and selects.

If you turn on bt on mic, HA will go insanely crazy switching on to autosense every second or so. At least that’s my experience and from one other user here.

Also, pairing is done only when you want to pair for the first time or you want to change which one is your main one. Like when you want to have select as table mic and pen and another select as lanyard, then you connect the one you want as table first with HA, but others you connect with that chosen select, not your HAs.

No unpairing needed.

But after rereading, I think what happens is that your phone gets some notification, even without sound, and that triggers the HA to switch to streaming mode, and when nothing happens, they go back to the default, which is autosense.

Oh and when you press connect key for 3 seconds I think you basically disconnect the select.

Try just ordinary click, not ‘press and hold’. You know, ‘click and remove your finger’ . Blue light will start immediately blinking.

‘Press and hold until the light’ is only for disconnect.

I know that I described now several things, but I tried to cover all findings I have, since I’m not quite sure from your descriptions. I mean, tech support would be easier on video call so we both can see each step than by writing on forum, but we have what we have :slight_smile:

Try first thing with fast click I’ve mentioned the last. Test what happens.
If that doesn’t help, then try disabling bt for calls and media (so, not kill bt on phone but disconnect that bt device, but only that not LE marked ones).

For non iN mics definitely kill the BT on them by long click accept call button or whatever you have to do for regular select, I’ve read manual only for regular pen.

You don’t even need to do that if it’s already connected and only one turned on.

So turning off the one you don’t want and turning on the one you want is enough (of course both have to be connected at one point before).

When two are turned on, by explicitly connecting you say ‘I want the sound from this one into my HAs’.
Then you can connect the mics together in the network, or the other one can your friend connect with their HA for example.

From what I’ve understood, one mic can send signal to many HAs. But one HA can receive information only from one at a time. If you want more, you create network. Which is basically a hub, your HA is connected to the hub, and bunch of them are also connected to the hub. Hub is that one you connect with explicitly.

If you turn on both, HAs will use the one that was last one connected to it. If you don’t know which one is, you connect and then it’s that one.

Thank you very much Blacky!!!
You helped me a lot!

I paired all three microphones (Roger select IN, Roger select regular, and Roger pen normal) one at a time and then I tried and it works perfectly.

Every time I turn on a Roger microphone, the last one I was using is automatically activated.

To use another microphone I need to turn off the last activated microphone and turn on the new microphone that I’m going to use currently and press the connect button again, but it is not necessary to unpair it!

Awesome, glad that part worked out. Now waiting for that autosense sounds and when they happen.

I might open support line for phonak roger and marvels :joy:
I might get rich, since phonak didn’t think it was necessary to put all the information at the one place.
And there I wondered what should I pick for my career next :joy:

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