Phonak Naida IX UP - Who else has this same issue?

I had several hearing aids on trial but all were Phonak Naida IX UP. The first pair, after 2 weeks, my left hearing aid just stopped working in general. It was like the volume went completely low, I could barely hear. I actually hear better in my left ear so that bothered me. Several times, my zoom remote was saying battery is low in that hearing aid although I had changed it few times & nothing was wrong with battery but it was saying it was practically almost dead or actually dead. It was like this for a week, so I moved on to a different pair, which was working fine for a while. I had a lot of random feedback for 30 seconds straight and loudly, and sometimes, it would cut in and out volume wise but not all the time. It was manageable…anyways - once I went back to my audi, it wasn’t the color I wanted since it was all black and I wanted palladium so once we made adjustments and put everything in the palladium for me to take home…2 weeks after, my right ear volume is CONSTANTLY low - a lot of times, after all night of having it off while I sleep, and put it in the morning, it’ll feedback so loudly for 30 seconds to a minute or two, because volume is all the way up and then the right side goes all the way back down sometimes. Randomly, it’ll pop in with normal volume for 15-30 seconds and goes away…its so random and not too often. I can’t explain it…its DRIVING ME NUTS…I want to hear good on both ears, not one! I feel like it’s constant tech problems after another with these hearing aids…is it just me or anyone else having these problems?? People keep saying it may be how my brain is percepting it since it’s my first time with the Naida technology or that my right ear is pumping out more bc I’m more deaf in the right than the left, but it couldn’t have been working normally for two weeks and then start occurring after two weeks in my right ear. I’m soooo frustrated.

Currently testing the Naida S IX UP. Have only had the devices for a few days now. Nothing like that - yet. Sounds like a nightmare.

I have had a pair of Naida IX ups for a couple of months now. They can be a little annoying at times. First. Make sure your vent hole on the ear mold had the proper plug in it. My audi sent me home with a pack of plugs with various hole sizes. I have a plug in my molds that has a very, very tiny hole. The programming on mine is not up to par yet. The aids are supposed to “perk up” in certain situations. Mine seem perk up when not needed and perk down when needed. Example: Sometimes when watching TV I have the TV volume adjusted accordingly. All of the sudden the adds will begin to increase in volume to the point where it is annoying. Then, after a minute or two they will wind back down. It drives me nuts. If I turn the tv volume down, it’s too low until the aids turn up, but they wont hold. Its as if they are hunting for what to do. Make sure you have a audi that can unravel the mysteries.

no experience with this but perhaps try a different brand of batteries just in case they are a hair too small and making sporadic connections.
good luck

My audi told me about a patient who had this issue. She said it’s most likely due to the fact of the program that you are using which automatically changes programs. I had that happen once…I use a calm program where it doesn’t adjust automatically or anything like that. I basically hear everything. If it gets overwhelming, I change to the speech in noise program or automatic. Whatever I like better. That should help with yours if you want to keep that in mind for adjustments.

We did change molds & tubes often…Don’t think this is what it is. The other day, it switched to my good ear being low and my right ear low…and the next day after it went back to normal. Unfortunately, today my left is low and right is high again. :frowning: I just don’t get it. The other trial hearing aids I had sent back due to errors, phonak found nothing wrong on them. Great. So that makes my audi thinking it’s in my head or my perception of it since I never dealt with this technology before which drives me even more crazy.