Phonak naida excessive battery drain

My ab phonak naida has suddenly began to drain the battery in as little as a 1/2 hour to just a few minutes, any ideas as to what may be going on ? This is the ha my implant device is still normal.

Are you saying your Phonak Naida Hearing Aid is draining batteries too quickly, or do you mean your CI?

The hearing aid that came with the ci

What is the expiration date written on your battery packages?

Don’t have the expiration date with me right now but have only had the ci and aid for 2 months am still using the batteries that came with it, prior to this happening the batteries were lasting almost 2 weeks

You might try polishing the contacts.

You could try new batteries from a different source. If that does not work take the aid back as it is still under warranty and take the batteries back too. If it is some distance then ring first.

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For sure, doing that on Monday

Took the phonak hearing aid to audiologist to be checked, said it was all good they put a new battery in and sent me out the door, the battery held up all day went home turned on the tv link to watch tv through my compilot and within an hour the battery went dead, put in another one it lasted about 15 minutes. Is my compilot or tv link draining the battery ?

Come to think of it I had the compilot on all day for my phone so the problem started when I turned on the tv link, anybody have an idea if the tv link drains batteries ?

Only the ComPilot will drain your batteries, not the TV Link.

Is the compilot known for excessive battery drain? My previous oticon streamer never drained batteries could use it every day and batteries would still last a week or more, this thing is draining the battery in a matter of minutes.

I would say you’ve got a faulty HA as my Phonak Naida UPs don’t drain batteries like yours do when using the ComPilot.

I know a lot of people who have battery problems, find that Power One batteries work for them.