Phonak Naida B90 sp Fitting Range


I have 2 PHONAK NAIDA V70 SP hearing aids.

I would like to buy 2 New hearing aids Phonak.

What New model do you recommend me with the SAME FITTING RANGE?


The Venture and Belong Naidas are very similar. I personally would wait until the Marvel Naida comes out.

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To add to what Zebras said the Phonak Bolero SP Marvel is out now.
The fitting range should be almost identical.

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Is this model (Phonak Bolero SP Marvel ) already for sale?
I didn’t find it on the phonak web

It’s listed on their US website but not other countries, last time I checked. Not sure of the timeline for getting it released elsewhere.

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Do you know when when will be available the PHONAK NAIDA M90 SP?
I need the Naida model super power (SP) in the Marvel platform


There’s a Phonak HQ member of staff on a Facebook group I admin. She says the Naida Marvel won’t be out until end of 2020.

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Thank Zebras, that’s good info to have!
I was debating waiting for it to come out but ended up going with the B platform a couple months back, I’m glad I did if it’s going to be that long.

Yesterday I found out and Phonak staff confirmed to me that the power model hearing aid on the Marvel platform will be available in February 2020.


Will that be the Naida M SP or the Naida M UP? I’ve been told that the SP will come out before the UP.

This was the answer of Phonak staff to my question:

Phonak plans to release a power Marvel in February. We do not yet have the specifications; however, it should fit severe to profound hearing loss.