Phonak Naida B50 Bluetooth Streaming from Scanner

I have the Phonak Naida B50 RIC aids. Is there any way to stream a portable radio scanner audio which has a 3.5 mm female jack to my aids? I think the Com Pilot will do it but I am looking for a cheaper alternative. Thanks, Bob.

What about using audio shoes and direct input leads?

What are audio shoes and direct input leads.Bob.

I think the Compilot2 is the simplest way. They are available on eBay for about $75, sometimes less.

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Thanks. Ill look at them. Are they self-pairing with the hearing ads or do I need to go to an audiologist to get them programmed? Bob.

The Compilot2 needs to be set up in Target.
Once that is done without anymore Target programming you can use the TVLink2, your phone and probably more. Those are the items I use.
I do have a Roger pen and a RogerX that attaches to the Compilot2. The Roger Pen will need to be set up in Target also.

OK. Thanks. Sounds good. Bob.