Phonak Naída B-UP vs. Oticon Xceed UP

I am getting ready to upgrade from my 10 year old Phonak Naida 3’s.

Looking forward to getting into a new pair of hearing aids with recent technological advancements.

Do you guys have any feedback between the Naida B90 UP or the Oticon Xceed UP?

Do you feel that having a premier model with additional programs comes in handy? Ive been happy with my 1 program and could see myself possibly getting irritated with automatic program changing’s with the new above Aids. However I am open to any additional help I can get to help differentiate certain sounds and eliminate unwanted sounds.

Also heard that Naida will be releasing a Marvel UP within the next 6 months?

Thank you for any feedback you can offer!

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New Phonak UP within the year, not necessarily Marvel is what I am hearing now.

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Have you looked at the Naida M SP fitting chart? It’s 1 dB shy of the Naida B UP.

No, it’s the same as fitting range of Naida B SP.

I don’t know trialed the exceed and I wasn’t a fan. But everyone is different so I would certainly recommend give them a try. I was overwhelmed with vet base sounding background noise. The new marvel naidas are expected to come out later this month. I would definitely wait for them to be released. That’s what I’m doing.

Phonak has announced that the marvel naida sp will be coming out in the near future.

Near future - it comes out later this month. Just google it.
Naída Marvel will be available to the public end of February through licensed hearing care.


You are correct about the fitting chart/range. My mistake.

The specifications on the Naida SP aid are within 1 dB gain of the UP Naida aids.

Looking at each persons hearing loss on this thread, you will see that Naida M SP aids will fit each and every one of us. You and I have similar losses. I use frequency lowering technology aggressively to bring high frequencies into my hearing range. RIC aids work for me, I bet they would work for you too.

It would be nice to hear more from the Oticon owners.

Sorry about my previous addition with all the typos. I trialed the oticon xceed for about a month. Good hearing aid, I could hear a lot more than with my previous aid although they were pretty old. My problem with the oticon is how it handled background. It gave everything a very deep base sound. My car sounded like it needed a muffler. Other cars could be heard from a distance but sounded like motorcycles. Could hear my refrigerator turn on but that too was a low rumble. When I visited my doctor there was an overhead heating duct that constantly gave off a low rumbling noise which interfered with conversations. After a while the background noises I was experiencing became tiresome so I returned the aids. I’m the first one to admit that my experience could be very different than someone else’s. But I preferred the naidas because they seemed to do a better job suppressing background noise while at the same time giving it a more natural sound instead of a rumble. I’m now waiting for the new marvel naidas to be released to trial them.


Thank you very much for the feedback. Keep it coming please.

As ya’ll know; hearing aids have become such an intimate part of our lives. Before spending thousands of dollars on new aids, I think it is prudent to gather as much advice/feedback from this community.

I am looking forward to upgrading!!

Have you tried Open Sound Booster (switched on in On app)? I thought Xceed will separate speech and attenuate all noise. But your post is bad news for me. So I will stuck with my Oticon Dynamos (they have standard noise reduction and frontal microphone focus).

Again you I recommend you try them yourself. Nobody hears through the same aids the same way. We all have different hearing losses. I’m curious about someone else’s experience. I’m not here to knock a particular aid or discourage someone from trying an aid. I’m curious to hear anyone else’s experience with the xceed.

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The Oticon Exceed and the Phonak Naida Marvel aids should be major upgrades for you. Both are good aids that hopefully you can try out.
Like any hearing aids, it’s more about the programming than the manufacturer. Getting any aids properly tuned for you is what matters.
Good luck.

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Hello everyone, I trialed Marvel M90 UP encased receiver, Naida B and Oticon Xceed 1 UP BTE. In my opinion, the one that has the best sound quality is Marvel M90; however I decided not to keep it because the fitting range wasn’t appropriate for my hearing loss. The right ear sounded perfect to me, but I felt that the left ear as if it were nonexistent. I do feel that with proper fitting, I could’ve gotten the left ear hearing well. The audiologist had me have REM, but it didn’t help. Usually, the fitting that satisfies my left ear far exceeds the prescribed target on software.

As for Naida B, I just hated how it sounded. It wasn’t natural. I returned it to the audiologist only a couple of days later because I couldn’t tolerate it.

Lastly, I trialed Xceed 1 UP with different audiologist and here what happened. I liked it. The idea of being able to answer calls without a streamer was amazing. Also, it comes with TV adapter that enables you to wirelessly hear TV. The streaming quality is very good. In my opinion, all issues related to Xceed mentioned in this discussion such as deep bass or background noise is manageable and could be fixed through Genie by reducing LF or increasing HF. I decided to keep it in the end, especially since Naida Marvel was not coming any time soon back in November when I purchased Xceed 1 UP. As for the fitting, I built on what my audiologist did. I did it myself using Genie. And again, to get optimal sound with my left ear, I had to exceed prescribed targed by about 20 db especially in MF.

That’s all. I hope you guys find my review helpful.

Have a good day!


Thanks for the really great post.

That’s good news about the Oticon Exceed aids.
Proof that tuning is so important.

Your comments about the Audeo Marvel lead me to believe the Naida Marvel should also be winner for those interested.

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You’re most welcome. We’re here to help each other.

Fine tuning is very important. It took me around 20 self sessions on Genie to get satisfying results. Let me tell you that even a change of 1 db here or there makes a huge difference. And it takes time to feel how this change affects your speech understanding. So we have to be patient. Also, fine tuning MPO values have a big impact on the overall sound quality. After my experience with self fitting, I strongly believe that we can achieve better outcome through self fitting. With all due respect, no audiologist, however patient he or she is, would have time to do what I was able to do on my own. That is why I urge every hearing aid user to learn how to properly use fitting software and work with 1 frequency at a time.

Concerning Naida Marvel, I think it all depends on what processor/chipset they are going to use with the new model. Is it similar to Naida’s with necessary upgrades for Marvel functionality or is it similar to Audeo’s Marvel? I don’t have information in regards with this issue. But if it would carry the same Audeo’s processor, it would definitely be a winner.


Like I’ve said before. You take one hearing aid and 10 people and you will get 10 different responses on how you hear. That what makes getting the right aid so difficult. The only way to tell if a particular aid is good for your situation is to trial it yourself. What we say here means little as far as whether that aid will work for you. You really need to try it yourself

Hey @Raudrive, if you check my hearing fitting range (see my profile), do you think Naida SP will work for me?