Phonak Naida B 70 or Widex Evoke. high frequency hearing loss

hi, I am new here. glad to have discovered this page.

now I have a high frequency hearing loss since 15 years old. it was moderately-severe earlier but last year, it got much worse. while I hear low frequencies quite good, the mid became bad and I can’t hear anything above 1500 hz.

I am trialing widex evoke and phonak naida b 70. one week each one whch is too little for getting used to it. speech recognition is bad for each but the sound is more natural with phonak and the frequency lowering is really noticeable. I am in noisy places most of the time. loud coffee shops, shopping malls, train stations etc. I hear loud sound but the speech is pretty bad o far. bonus point for widex is the evoke app. useful for this situation. music also sound better with widex. can you shut off the soundrecover2 for music? my audiologist has set just 1 universal programme sadly. he said that the aids will adjust my locain automatically which I haven’t noticed… I guess different programmes for music and ound reduction for noisy places can be programmed, or?

which aid would you recommend to me based on my preferences? music and speech recognition in noisy places. thank you very much

I don’t have the Widex Evokes but. I am wearing the Widex 440 Beyonds and am able to access various programs through an app on my phone or via the buttons on the hearing aids. One of the programs is called Universal that adjusts automatically.

I wear the Evoke 440 F2 and I can tell you with no uncertainty that the universal program DOES NOT handle music like the music program.