Phonak Naida 3 vs 5. Is there a huge difference?

I’d like to ask your opionions about Phonak Naida 3 vs Naida 5.

Currently, I am using Naida 3 (bought just last week),
but I am not yet completely satisfied with it.

In fact, I feel my old analog aid could be much better than this Naida 3.
With Naida 3, I can hear so many sounds, background sounds,
which my analog sound cannot normally pickup.
However, I take this extra sound as junk / noise, because it is defeaning,
and it competes with the sound of human voice.

Do you think the Naida 3 will be much better when it comes to noise levels?
{ I’ve tried the Naida 5 for an hour in the clinic,
but I cannot judge it in such a small period of time. }

By the way, with Naida 3, female voices become distorted.
Male voices sound just right.
Help me please, before my one-month replacement expires.

Take note that I have used analogs for such a long time,
that I feel digitals are not as poweful.
So, Naida 3 vs Naida 5. Is the upgrade worth it?
(Sorry, I cannot afford the Naida 9)

I can tell you some of the important stuff that the Naida 3 is missing in comparison to the V version:

No Windblock management
No RealEar sound
10 less channels to use (not sure of the relevance, though)

Other than that, the Naida 3 has the others deemed important in comparison to the V version. I feel that the RealEar sound helps a lot in determining where the noises are coming from. WindBlock helps in your auto suppression of noises. It will be a bit tricky to create a speech in noise program without wind management, as the wind will have to be added in as a “noise” sound and might also make your aids a bit like a “clogged-stuffed ear” sound. Having ten less channels does not give you any extra detailed sound adjustments, so you will more than likely have more suppressed sounds in a Speech in Noise" adjustment.

Some of the bells and whistles that are added to the V version is:

10 more channels
2 free manual programs to use as you see fit (3 version locks the 2 as FM and/or TCoil functionality)

If you want to see the Naida comparisons PDF file, send me a PM and I will forward this to you. I can’t give you a link, as the Phonak Naida site seems to be down right now.

By the way, with Naida 3, female voices become distorted.

This can be adjusted from the Naida software via your audi. Be sure to tell your audi exactly what you just said: (unintelligible, soft, etc.)

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What does that have to do with the Naida hearing aids?

If you want to figure out something about SnagIt, you will have to ask that question at , or download their user guides…

I thought about responding to that thread but decided it wasn’t worth the effort.