Phonak My Pilot versus Pilot One

Has anyone compared the Phonak PilotOne with the MyPilot? There is a significant difference in price so I wonder what does the MyPilot have to offer to make it so much more expensive?

For one thing, the MyPilot has a small (about 30mmx30mm) LCD screen that displays which program you’re using, among other things. It also lets you control the direction of the zoom if you have that programmed. It will also show the charge left in the hearing aid batteries and its battery. It’s pretty spiffy but kind of pricey. My audie is offering me one with my Naida S’s for $300 (US). I’ve seen them for nearly $500 on eBay. Having played with it for a couple weeks I don’t think I’ll keep it because the Naida’s have buttons for both the program and the volume so I don’t think it’s really necessary, spiffy that it is. If I had Audeo’s or others with only one button I think it would be much more worthwhile.

Phonak’s web site has more details about each so you might want to check there.

Only real benefit to the MyPilot is being able to see what program you are on and to direct the microphones when in Zoom Control. The battery charge indicator is moot since with the new batteries you are wither fully charged or out.

I discussed the difference in features and pricing of the PilotOne and MyPilot with my audiologist yesterday. When he called Phonak to check pricing, he found that the differences in HIS cost was much less than the typical retail price differences would indicate (about $50 US). He was willing to pass the savings on to me. Problem solved. I ordered the MyPilot. Vic

Are you comfortable in telling us how much you paid for the My Pilot?

Sorry, but I don’t know the cost exactly yet. I won’t get the MyPilot until next week for a trial period. I may be able to give you a cost later. Vic

MyPilot with a little screen etc. is well described in this thread. But what does Pilot One do? I wear gloves in a medical setting and I want to quickly switch programs when the phone rings. I can’t find the tiny button on the aids in time with the gloves on, and the gloves are considered contaminated anyway. So I need some kind of remote and not much more. What would be best?