Phonak microSavia Art x 2

For 7 years I used a single ITC aid from AHS, and last month I began the journey to a pair of new aids.

I tried the ReSound Pulse for a week and the ReSound Dot-30 for a week. Neither of them delivered the kind of comprehension improvement I thought should be possible. Perhaps we could have played more with the Dot, but my ear wax problem (monthly cleanings) made me shy away from rite as long as there were others that could do the job.

Last week I got a pair of Phonak microSavia Arts. I was immediately impressed - there was a richness to the sound the ReSounds did not have. The SoundPilot2 remote control allows me to be 100% certain of what mode the aid is in, and whether that program needs some kind of adjustment. And more . . . but enough of that for now.

I am certain this is my audi’s first field fitting of this brand/level aid, mainly because she said she did one a few months ago :slight_smile: . I am also convinced that while she has 25 years in the field, technology is not her strong point. You’ll just have to trust my judgement on that score lol. She’s trying, but . . . anyhow I hope you guys can help.

  1. Is the microSavia Art the right sort of aid for my hearing loss?

  2. What is the difference between the modes “Speech in Noise” and “Comfort in Noise”?

  3. Audi set the three selectable programs to 1=“Calm”, 2=“Speech in Noise”, and 3=“Music”. I used #2 and #3 frequently, but “Calm” seems to be something that ANY AutoPilot ought to quickly get right. Any suggestions on what available feature combo might be more useful to try in its place?

  4. I told her about getting horrible feedback using my home telephone (a new Uniden Dect 6.0 system) and I asked her if EasyPhone was enabled. She said no, but I would need a magnet to activate that anyway - that’s the way it works. Instead, she set up Program 1 as “Telecoil” which works fine except I need to grab my remote before answering the damn telephone lol.

My belief is that EasyPhone is always available, and my specific home phone just doesn’t activate it (ie, needs a magnet). Have I got that right?

  1. Should this hearing aid be able to deal with telephone feedback without telecoil/magnets? IOW, is feedback control adjustable? might it be adjusted wrong?

  2. I don’t want/need bluetooth, but might I find the Exelia more enjoyable? Better comprehension in more situations? Better fidelity? Better feedback control on telephone calls? The Savia is very good, and its difficult to compare aids from the “Specs” that are available hehe. I don’t want to trouble everyone with trying yet another set of aids just for the sake of trying. So, is there a passable reason why I might find them better?

  3. My wife and I have been using RF headphones to listen to TV for many years now. I’m getting MyLink/EasyLink next week hoping it can replace the RF system with huge benefit to me, and small gain for her as well. Would Exelia deliver better sound quality then Savia? More like my Sennheiser Wireless headphones? (Remember, I hear the Sennheisers through the Phonaks anyhow lol)

Thanks in advance for your help. As I gain useful experience, I’ll post it here. From reading, it seems many of us travel the same path . . . we just have trouble hearing the footsteps :slight_smile:

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