Phonak Micropower V Wristpilot

My Phonak Micropower V’s came with the Tripilot, which operates the volume on both aids at the same time. My audi says that the wristpilot will allow me to change the volume on each aid separately, but it costs $400. Does this sound reasonable?

all phonak are doom to be expensive
with the euro skyrocketing…

I dont see them getting cheap in the near future… Although
we must say they have move production to china…

now which products are made in china and which in EU
is what they did not disclose…


TriPilot is the name of the system that Micropower V uses to classify what sound environment you are in and automatically adjusts your settings for that environment. It includes, but is not limited to volume control. For any kind of manual control you will need a remote.

I tried out the Watchpilot2 (I have the Phonak Savia Art open fit model of hearing aid) and the only way that I could change the volume of only one hearing aid was to take the one that I didn’t want to change out of my ear and turn it off. Then I would change the volume of the one still in my other ear. Finally I would turn the first aid back on and put it back in my ear.

The instruction booklet (you can download a copy of it from the Phonak website) shows the position for using the Watchpilot2 as being held up in front of your face like you were looking at the time on the watch. Maybe if you held it close to one ear you might be able to change just one at a time, but I didn’t have luck with that. Also, if you want to access one of the custom programs you have to cycle through all the other programs (volume and FM functions have their own buttons) to get to the one you wanted. The watch was also very bulky even though it was a woman’s model.

I decided to go with the Sound Pilot2 instead. It was about half the price and I could access each program directly with its own button. You still have to take a hearing aid out to change the volume on just one aid. It is more powerful than the Watchpilot2 and I can use it from inside my pocket (much less obvious) rather than holding it in front of my face.

I definitely like having manual control some of the time since I find that the automatic controls don’t always get it right. That is a personal decision though, and some people prefer the convenience of having all the adjustments made automatically.



That price sounds about right for the watchpilot, but as cammycat mentioned, the watch does tend to run a bit large, even for the women’s watch. Most of my patients prefer the keychain remote (should be around $200). The remotes are designed to change the volume in both aids at the same time, not independently.

I have to pipe into this thread. This really has me ticked off. The remotes for the hearing aids are not medical devices. How does the hearing aid industry justify marking up a $25 remote to $400? I was quoted $400 for the Phonak keypilot or soundpilot remotes at 2 different hearing centers near me.

I dabble in Hometheater setups on the side and this is a very basic and simple remote that does little more than change channels and adjust volume. I could pick up a universal remote for $15 at radio shack that would control a multitude of features on many different HT devices.

I have the keypilot which I carry with me all the time. I fear losing it more than my one of my aids, which are at least insured for damage or loss.


I agree with the last poster. The remote systems are crazy expensive for very simple technology. I had a remote with my last hearing aids (Phonak Savia Arts) and I never used it. The only time it was ever used was when my audi was demonstrating it to me. When I got my new aids (Phonak Naidas) she offered me the remote for those but to me it seems like a hassle. I would rather just reach up and press the buttons on my aids rather than get out a remote.

My feelings exactly! The remotes are highway robbery. The same for the new bluetooth connections for the Epoq, Naida and Exelia. The least expensive is the Streamer for the Epoq, the cheapest I’ve seen listed for $250. Don’t even get me started on the ICom, $400 at the minimum and it’s not even available. At least with the streamer it now has a remote built in with the new firmware upgrade (as I understand it).

And most audiologists and dispensers are selling these accessories at their own cost or just a bit above. I too wish they were less expensive, as more people would be able to afford them.

I too wish the remote I bought had been cheaper, but at least I get a LOT of use out of it. I keep it in my pocket and know the buttons by feel so that I can discreetly switch to another program or change the volume if I need to. I wouldn’t want to be talking to someone and have to be poking at my ears to make changes. Also, the self learning function doesn’t work unless you use the remote.

I work in a very quiet office, so my autopilot always wants to be in quiet mode. The only problem with that is that we have forced air heat and my computer has a loud fan, so the constant hissing makes me crazy. I use the remote to switch into my program for comfort in noise and that takes care of the problem. The only issue is occasionally when someone comes by to talk. Most male voices are no problem, but with females or soft spoken males, I need to switch back to autopilot and sometimes even up the volume. I would never even consider a hearing aid that didn’t have a remote even though they are an extra expense. Also, I want one were you press a specific button for a specific program. I tried a remote where you had to cycle through the programs until you got to the one you wanted and that was a nuisance.

I’m glad there is at least an option to have a remote on some aids. Those who don’t like them can skip it and those who do like them can have them. Everybody’s needs and experience is different. You are right that they are overpriced. It’s like buying food at the theater, you’re a captive audience.


I think the difference between me and those of you who like the remotes, is that I have a profound loss that I can’t hide anyway, and I have been wearing aids my whole life. I am not trying to hide anything, or be discreate. I have no problem with poking at my ears when talking to someone :smiley: LOL