Phonak MicroPower V and IX

Breaking through the size barrierPower users can now have an instrument that perfectly blends performance and cosmetic appeal. With microPower, you can give your power-users what they always have been asking for: a micro-sized, high performance device.
microPower V
The Business Class hearing instrument that offers more then expected.
microPower IX
The First Class hearing instrument for high demands.microPower succeeds in integrating all the sophisticated innovations of a modern hearing instrument into the smallest dimensions, creating the world’s most discreet power device.
This ground-breaking instrument is based on Canal Receiver Technology(CRT), whereby the receiver is placed remotely in the ear canal. By combining the clever CRT design with Phonak’s power expertise, your power users will enjoy unique sound and performance advantages over other products in the market.
Your connection to a new level of discretion
Virtually invisible microBTEs are very popular with today’s active clients. Phonak now carries this design innovation to the power segment with microPower, offering a light, attractive alternative never before available.

With its ultra-small case dimensions, microPower nearly disappears behind the ear. Weighing only 2 grams, microPower represents a completely new level of wearing comfort. With a diameter of 1.5 mm, the special, transparent tube connecting the microphone and the receiver blends with the skin for increased cosmetic benefit.

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Full customization for a true individualized fit

microPower is available in eleven casing colors to match hair color or individual preference.

Extra small custom shell with four different face plate color options guarantee a nearly invisible fit.
High flying performance in a clever design

microPower, based on Canal Receiver Technology, delivers unsurpassed benefits for highly sophisticated power users!

CRT – the ideal solution for power users
The receiver is separated from the microphone and is placed in the ear canal. The microphone sits in the ultra small housing behind the ear. The sound is transmitted electronically through a special tube. This clever CRT-design results in:

  • Naturally increased gain and output
  • Smooth frequency response
  • Broadband frequency response
  • Feedback virtually eliminated
  • Reduced occlusion
There is much more than power inside - the performance in comparisonmicroPower V

microPower IX• TriPilot 3 program automatic with 5 manual programs• AutoPilot 4 program automatic with 5 manual programs• dWDRC & dSC signal processing strategy 16 channel system• Bionic Perception Processing in 20 channels• Digital Feedback Phase Inverter• Advanced Digital Feedback Phase Inverter with NoWhistle Technology• Adaptive digital AudioZoom• Digital SurroundZoom • EchoBlock • Real Ear Sound• Wind & Weather protector• Wind & Weather protector • Wind Noise Management• Fine-scale Noise Canceler• High Resolution Noise Canceler• EasyPhoneplus• EasyPhoneplus• DataLoggingplus• DataLoggingplus • Insight for modern and attractive demonstration
The fast-track to lasting client success
microPower is programmed with Phonaks intuitive fitting software, iPFG Successware. Friendly and flexible, this tool will guide you successfully throught the fitting process.
Two routes – one destination
Instant Fit and Custom Fit options are available for microPower. The user has the fitting choice of an extremely comfortable dome or a custom made shell for ultimate individual comfort.
Experience microPower’s exceptional system right from the start with the instant fit dome while waiting for the long lasting comfortable custom.

  • Choice of signal processing strategies
  • Long term power users have a distinct sound quality preference. microPower offers a choice of dWDRC (nonlinear) or dSC (linear) that allows easier matching to these preferences.
  • DataLoggingplus with User Preference Tuning
  • Combined with your client’s input, DataLoggingplus with User Preference Tuning facilitates fast and accurate adaptation of microPower to everyday needs. DataLoggingplus provides detailed information on the use of all TriPilot programs. With one click of a button, User Preference Tuning can form the basis of your modifications, ensuring faster and more effective fine tuning of the TriPilot automatic.
  • NoWhistle Technology
  • The unique benefits of NoWhistle Technology are of special importance when fitting power products. The effective multi-level feedback management ensures that power wearers can enjoy feedback-free listening wherever they are. It is the only feedback suppression system that is capable of reacting differently depending on the sound environment, thereby the wearer profits from a perfect balance between feedback suppression and sound quality.
  • Insight
  • Insight is a real-time demonstration tool in iPFG that allows the fitter to easily show the core functionalities of microPower IX. Witnessing how progressively and smoothly microPower IX responds to its environment, and hearing the response, can lead to an increased appreciation of microPower’s benefits.
Take off to a new world with microPower

Discreet manual access through remote control use




For easy and discreet access to microPower’s manual programs and to volume control changes, microPower can be used with many attractive remote controls offered by Phonak.

FM goes micro with MyLink
FM Transmitters

FM Receivers




Stress-free listening even in most difficult situations is offered thanks to MyLink, the new wireless solution for microPower. The MyLink receiver, the EasyLinkor SmartLink SX transmitter and microPower form a perfect partnership for both active adults and teenagers with significant hearing loss.