Phonak - MicroPower IX

What can anyone tell me about the Phonak MicroPower IX? I’m interested in both the pros and cons. How does the Phonak compare with the other companies?

Thanks for your responses. Now I have one more question, does anyone have the handheld or watch remote that can be used with the micropower?

I have had good results with my MicroPower patients, and Phonak is a reliable manufacturer. I like the size of the aid, also. It has a bit thicker wire than the thin tube aids designed for milder hearing losses, but is still cosmetically attractive. A remote control is an optional accessory.

phonak I believe is the only company with such product.
If it is like the Delta micromold it could not be done with all the clients
you need to have enough space to accomodate the receiver in the canal

it is quite small compare to a regular bte…

You can fit the MicroPower with either power domes or a custom mold. There are different sizes of power domes available, so usually most people can fit them.

I have been wearing the micro power IX’s for a week now. So far I like them. The size is not an issue, they are very small and they feel great in the ear. All that is seen is the small tube. I have custom molds that fit well and are small also. I am going back in today for my first adjustment. I am ready for more volume I think. I am still not picking up enough conversation. My audi says there is alot of room for adjustments so I look forward to seeing (hearing) some more improvment. I did not order the remote yet but I am leaning in that direction since I am thinking of getting the Artone bluetooth neckloop I will need to have a telecoil program available. If my speech recognition improves with new adjustments I will definitely keep these aids.

John, let me start out by saying that I am a complete novice just in the process of getting my first set of aids. I am currently having an extended trial of the Micropower V while waiting for the release of the Naida SuperPower which is supposed to be coming out in June. I was supposed to be trying out the IX, but due to an ordering error ended up with the Vs. While they are acceptable to me, I decided that I want to try out the Naida SuperPowers before making a decision. They utilize Phonak’s latest chip, and have a lot of new features that make them appealing to me such as SoundRecover, SoundFlow, Water Resistant, etc. and should be less expensive than the IXs See:

If any of the PROs, expecially those who have had experience with the Naida UltraPower are monitoring this thread it would be great if they would comment on the merits of the two aids.

Forgot to mention, I do have what I believe is called a key chain remote that my Audi gave me to use during my trial of the Micropower Vs. It allows for changing the volume up and down, and changing to one of the manual programs that were loaded in addition to the standard auto programs. My own preference would be not to require a remote, it is something else to carry around and I never have it when I want it. I believe the Naida has controls in the aids for volume and program switching.

The IXs are probably smaller and have a small, less obvious tube because of the receiver in the canal which is advantageous.