Phonak MicroPower dome slippage

I’ve had these HAs for a couple months and like them a lot.

The only problem is that the domes slip a bit out of my canals…maybe a quarter inch, or so.

I don’t have the solid molds. I’m using the thin domes with four air spaces (kind of like a flimsy umbrella with air holes.

We’ve tried different length links (the tubes). The longest (#3) work best, but they slowly ooze out.

We just tried much heavier domes, two different styles that have no air holes and essentially block off all natural sound. With them, my hearing is much worse and my hearing over the phone is absolutely unacceptable.

My audiologist is out of suggestions. I want to keep with the soft, flimsy style of dome because they give me the best sound, by far.

I see some HA’s have links (the tubes) with a piece on the end that seems to curl inside your ear (not the canal) and hold the dome in place. My audiologist says that Phonak does have this type of link, but not for the MicroPower because the MP is intended to be used with the molds, not the domes. I really don’t want the molds because they essentially block out all natural sound, and I hear fine with just the light domes.

Any suggestions?


iros mold with a canal lock …


I deal with this issue with many patients.

The custom tips can be effective, but the silicone domes are also very comfortable. Unfortunately, Phonak does not have a canal lock that is made out of memory wire, such as with Vivatone. Those wires are really good because you can bend them in place to prevent slippage.

I think this may be a product that can be developed simply and anchor onto the receiver and be pliable enough to contour the ear and yet stay in the same position.

I just don’t know if there would be any patents that would be infringed by this design.

Dear Admin

we had a similar issue with the Delta,
we use a blower (i use my wifes) and bend the tube for 1 sec and
problem solve

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I looked online at the IROS mold and I do think I’d be sacrificing comfort using them.

It just seems like I could get longer links (or tubes), so they don’t tend to tug at my domes. (My audiologist says Phonak only comes with three lengths, and I’m already using #3.) I’ve recently emailed her asking if there are larger domes (same basic shape, with a larger, snugger size) or domes made of a more porous (less slipper, silicon-like) material.

I may just choose to live with the minor slippage. It doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the aids, but I feel like I have to nudge them back in occasionally so that they are as un-noticeable as they’re intended to be.

Thanks for the input.


be aware an iros wold would use a bigger tube therefore it would not be a cosmetic solution at all

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