Phonak micro Eleva Fine Tuning

My first hearing aid is a Phonak micro eleva. I have had it for three weeks. Voices, including mine sound tinney and distracting. I pointed this out to my audiologist in my first return visit yesterday and the audi said the sound was to be expected and I would get use to the sound of it eventually. I asked if the audi could fine tune for response to certain frequencies and she said fine tuning would not be a good idea, but she would reduce the volume in the ofending ear (left ear).

From what I have read on-line, the micro Eleva should be able to be fine tuned to fix the tinney sound using Phonak software that my audi should have. I am thinking of returning the hearing aid since I don’t think the audi is really responding to my needs.

Can and should the Phonak be fine tuned by my Audi or is tinney sound to be lived with? Your thoughts and experiences welcomed.

I just got my aids a few months ago.

I tried the Sears brand, Opticon Deltas and the Unitron Element 16.

Of the three I liked the Deltas the best for size and sound (but not the Audi and the cost.

I decided on the Element 16 because of the features and the cost my health care provider could get because of volume. ( the Audi and I hit it off right away, he seemed to understand what I wanted and acted accordingly.

My suggestion is give your audi one more try and if that doesn’t work ask for
another Audi to help or give back the aids and start over. The second time around you will be a smarter buyer with the experenice you have.


The tinny sound on the left ear should easily be able to be adjusted out, in about 5 minutes or less in the office, particularly if the offending sounds can be reproduced in the office, with recording and CD’s that most offices now have. The software also has many sound clips that can be used to reproduce these sounds.

Any high freq hearing loss can be over-amplfied, particularly in cochlear dead spots, thus often causing this problem. Yet, it is very simple to adjust the aids to match this situation.

Thanks for the replies. This helps a lot. I know now what to expect and understand that the attitude and helpfulness of the audi may be the most important aspect of the process of choosing a hearing aid.