Phonak MC1

Any online retailers for the Phonak MC1 microphone?

Nobody knows squat about the phonak MC1 mic??? Really!
Just some common questions I have…not tech data, ya know.
Is it uni, or omni-directional?
Who sells it online? or has it been banned from online sale?

I’m in the UK and was able toi buy one from my audiologist. They are very expensive for what they are - the components are less than £2, yet the retail price is £40.
It is an omnidirectional electret condenser microphone, and has the same connection as a standard PC microphone, so you could have someone make on up for you. I bought an alternative from ebay for about £10, and specified a cardioid microphone to give an element of directionality. It doesn’t make much difference, as the MC1 is pretty good even though it is omnidirectional.
The sound quality of calls with the MC1 is vastly superior to using the microphones within the device body.

I purchased my MC1 from my Audi here in the US, and I’m extremely pleased with the quality. Both the MC1 and the ComPilot, along with all wires are under my shirt - yet sound quality is vastly superior to the native mics on the ComPilot. The tech rep @ Phonak said they were aware of the problem, and weren’t sure if there would be a firmware update to address the problem or if the resolution would have to wait for the next hardware iteration… I highly recommend the MC1 option if your professionally life involves a lot of time on the phone…