Phonak Marvel vs Resound Quattro


I’ve been a very faithful Phonak lover for 5 yrs now. My first pair Phonak Audéo RIC were fantastic I loved the sound, and heard everything perfectly clearly. Since my hearing took a nose dive down the ski slope in my R ear and I got the Phonak Bolero BTE, I can’t hear clearly, everything sounds muted, I have to concentrate to hear conversations. It’s got to the stage that I can hear better without the stupid things. Just a few weeks to go and I can ditch them forever…


Thank you. Because I hate this environmental optimizer. I’ve been complaining about this alot to AuD by going to her at least 20 times.


I have my new Marvel hearing aids, and it sounds a bit muted indeed. I hope the audi can solve it. I have been only once for now, but I’m curious how your issue will be solved. He did also a REM.


For my benefit please clarify above statement. So you’re claiming the Autosense mode is fixed and can’t be modified? Personally I’d want that going into a noising setting to see if my HA can automatically adjust to a different environment/background noise. Now if my Aids don’t adjust properly in Autosense mode (to my liking), then I assume I have to option using my cell phone app to tap into another “custom profile/setting” in an attempt to improve hearing level. And with 15 to 20 different program levels (just asking) I assume I could set up multiple “custom profiles” to deal with background through Marvel platform.

When you refer to noticing your Phonak Marvel changing in autosense settings - are you suggesting the Phonak Marvel incoming sounds oscillates or shifts so much it become annoying? I doubt Phonak would have a successful HA if it autosense adjusted to the point it became annoying - as you say.


GR8Dane - I didn’t read your post before responding to Lahfinity. So do you have to request your Audi install Phonak Target Fitting at time to trial, or is that a standard procedure when first testing/buying a new HA?

And is there a chance the Audi you’re dealing tells you first to just go with AutoSense for a period of time/testing and if not happy, future modifications will be addressed in new custom modes? Personally I’d want as many different hearing custom levels as I could get when trailing new HA’s day one - but I’m just curious if most Audi’s might say “try basic settings first” and then at a later date appropriate changes will be made in custom mode if needed.

And when you say (3 is the maximum) is that three custom programs within the Autosense mode itself? Or just 3 custom setting for all HA programs.


When my audiologist initially set me up on the Marvels, she asked me which programs I would like to have as my three manual choices. I chose Speech in Loud Noise; Music; and the in car program. She then put in some adjustments to these three manual programs to emphasize my desired listening modes. I don’t have to use my phone app (although that is one way to do it) to change to these manual programs; I can just toggle the button on the hearing aid to move through them and also to go back to AutoSense. You just have to remember what order they are in (she gave me a print out that shows this information). Further, she also made some adjustments into the AutoSense programs as well. Bottom line is there is quite a bit of customization available for the audiologist to use (or you if you want to learn how to use the Target software).


Here a claim by Resound about the Quattro’s:

Did you know that ReSound LiNX Quattro is preferred 95% of the time for music listening, compared to other premium hearing aids?

Do the members who have trialed both agree or disagree?


I’m not the forum police, but I really think things like this should have a new thread.


I have only used the Kirkland Signature 8.0 which is essentially identical to the Signia Nx7. I can only give it a conditional rating. The sound with music is really good in my right ear, but distorts at higher sound levels (75-80 dB) in my left ear (which is significantly worse). At this point I do not know if the HA is poor, or defective, or if it is a problem with my left ear. I can say with Bluetooth streaming, the sound quality from a distortion point of view in the left ear is better, but still not totally good. The overall sound quality is best when wearing the HA’s and using my stereo sound system. I was worried that bass would be poor, but it is really good with vented click sleeves. The Bluetooth streaming direct to the HA’s with an iPhone and iTunes really lacks bass.

Here is a link to an article that talks about sound quality of hearing aids in addition to a couple of other factors. This is how they rated some of the more common brands and models. Not sure how they came up with the rating though… The Phonak Marvel rated #3, but the Resound Quattro was down at #8, next after the Signia Nx (KS8).

  1. Widex (Unique, Belong, Evoke)
  2. Starkey (Synergy, IQ)
  3. Phonak (Belong, Marvel)
  4. Unitron (North, Tempus)
  5. Hansaton (Post Sonova Acquisition models)
  6. Oticon (Opn hearing aids)
  7. Signia with their new Nx range
  8. GN Resound Quattro
  9. Bernafon Zerena
  10. Sonic Innovations Enchant


I don’t mind, but since this is about Marvel vs Quattro, I thought it belongs hear.


I always ask myself if I would look in a thread to find what I’m posting. Would you look in a Phonak Marvel vs Resound Quattro thread to find somebody asking if they agree that Quattros have the best music quality?


I agree with you, I just thought that because of the words “compared to other premium hearing aids”, I could place it here. If I was mistaken, I want to apologize and I don’t mind it being moved.


do not agree! DFS ultra II (feedback canceler) in the automatic setting destroyed music for me on the Quattros. only when switched into music does music sound right, which is when DFS ultra II is set to music. but this is not suitable for “normal life” environments, essentially having to switch the mode every time wanting to listen or even stream music. was a major disadvantage for me.

despite this - even when ReSound Quattro’s were in the music mode – Marvels streaming is superior. the sound is fuller and richer. I have a pair of Quattros and a pair of Marvels, both highest end in front of me I am trialing side by side right now and Marvels are the clear winner for me in regards to music.


Sorry for the slow response.

Phonak Target is the software used by the Audiologist to program the hearing aids. You can get it for yourself, but that’s a whole nother thread.

The Marvels come with slots for 3 custom programs, but you need to set them up using Phonak Target, (usually done by the Audiologist). I set all 3 up from the beginning, but I’ve been changing them around to try additional programs and forced program settings. The programs within Autosense 3.0 are controlled by the model Marvel you purchased as the 50/70/90 have different options. These 3 additional custom programs can be a copy of one of these Autosense programs if you want, but once copied you can modify to make it custom for your needs.


I think this may have been discussed in other threads but have you considered the cochlear implant route? It looks as though from your audiogram you have very little high-frequency hearing so I would think you’d be a good candidate to consider this pathway


I’ve used the DFS Ultra II feedback control a bunch and haven’t seen it affect the sound of music as far as I can tell. I haven’t tried the Marvels but I do find compared to a set of premium over-the-ear headphones that my Quattro’s do not put out as much bass as the headphones. There is a streaming setting that allows one to boost bass response for the Quattro’s. In the new Smart Fit 1.4 software, there are separate controls for “TV streamer” and “mic” and the gradations are Mild, Moderate, and Strong. I’m only set at Mild and haven’t bothered trying what Strong does (because I’ll use my headphones and if any music is played, they’ll boost the bass). Don’t know if the “mic” setting leaves out the Phone Clip+ out of the equation as it says it boosts bass when streaming from ReSound Remote Microphones. There is also bass control in the Smart 3D app also capable of boosting bass frequencies (officially defined as 16 to 256 Hz) by up to 6 dB.

Since how great I’ll hear music was one of my least concerns in getting HA’s, I haven’t personally worried much about it. My music listening experience is mostly car radio and Honda’s are relatively noisy cars. So I didn’t guide my car or HA buying preferences by a desire to hear the finest possible music renditions while driving.

Whenever anyone’s white paper claims XX% of users preferred our product against Brand A, B, C,…XYZ - I always ignore it. The claim is often years out of date and A, B, C, etc., may have been chosen as pushover comparisons to show the higher-ups in the company what good work we minions have been doing.


@MFAUD yes I have considered the CI, I’ve been accepted as a suitable candidate. It’s all booked and I’m just waiting for my operation date to roll around.


DFS need to be disabled for music! This is a guideline from resound.


Very aware of that. It’s a PITA to have to switch to a mode just to listen to music.


Not completely agree, you want the pure music experience, how can any HA know when the environment change to music:
-you want: either music alone, so omni mode,no directionality, DFS off, no noise reduction and so on
-or: you want music AND still understand speech, if someone in your area start talking, thus thus directionality, DFS, noise reduction etc.

so it has to be another program…isn;t it?