Phonak Marvel vs Resound Quattro


The Resound Quattro aids are 100% better than the Marvel aids. The Marvels are a nightmare when going out to eat or simply riding in the car with the music on. This is due to the Autosense 3.0 os that is included with the aid. It auto adjusts for you and you can definitely hear it adjusting volume and settings in your ear which is super annoying. If you turn the volume up over 1 it starts to get echoey. This seems like a rushed product and I was very disappointed.

Resound gives you customization on the fly and if you don’t want any tech on you can turn it all off with the app. Resound gives you complete control unlike Phonak. The only good thing about phonak is being able to use blue tooth for calls and streaming with Android. Resound is getting this update via firmware this year. I had high hopes for the Marvel but they are anything but Marevelous. Quattro is the way to go.


Oh boy, I can see the flame spreading…


It’s the truth. Phonak aids blocks out sounds and makes it a unnatural sound experience. Road noise volume would raise and lower, Radio songs while talking would raise and lower, restaurants you feel blocked off from hearing everything. I’m sorry but I don’t understand people saying the Marvels are good hearing aids, they are bad. The autosense feels rushed and very unoptimized. I had very high hopes for the new Marvels but they are trash. Common Phonak there are sounds we want to hear, terrible idea to have them auto adjust. Quattros are 100% better as you can customize your own sound profile with there app. Phonaks app let’s you turn the volume up and down (that’s it) which disconnects frequently.


This is trolling.
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This is trolling? How exactly is this trolling? I stated my experience with the Marvels and stated facts for others so they don’t waste their hard earned money on an inferior product.

Have you tried both products? If you have then you would agree with my points. You obviously don’t know what trolling is.


You are officially on “ignore”.


Okay, not trolling. But you sound like a shill.


I have experienced none of the problems you describe with Marvels. Mine work great . How long have you worked for resound ? Troll thread .


I disagree - Quattros are great but nothing beats an ear-trumpet. Quattros have little fiddly batteries and ear trumpets have none and are easy to find when you drop them. Oh and if someone tries to rob you of your ear trumpet you can give them a big donk on the head with it. Based upon that logic we should all burn our hearing aids because everyone is better off getting an ear trumpet so your statement is totally wrong I am afraid


It’s hard to tell. Might just be “unbridled enthusiasm.” If you noticed, I used to upset warneral by remarking how she could not express her enthusiasm for the Marvels without mentioning what she found the inferior performance of the Quattro’s she wore by comparison. Was that trolling by warneral? She thought that I was trolling her by responding to her remarks. So, I guess trolling is unfortunately often in the eyes of the beholder.


Because they are not experiencing your problems. I’d say go back to your provider to have them fixed, but if you are happy with the Quattros then that’s great too.


OK. I’m a new HA user of just two months. My first HA’s are the Phonak Audeo Marvel M90R’s. I’m a classical pianist, I hear live music every day and I have none of the experience with my Marvels that iahfinity has related.

With no HA experience I chose the Marvels simply because YouTube’s Dr. Cliff Olson listed the 7 best HA’s of 2019 and he chose the Marvel as the best of the 7. In all fairness though, he did choose the ReSound LiNX Quattro as number 2 and the 2nd best.

Since iahfinity is new to the forums and started a thread by expounding on how wonderful his Quattros are and how awful the Marvels are, it certainly appeared to me to be what a troll would do. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and I too will assume he has unbridled enthusiasm for his HA choice.


I think a hard thing to learn is that we all see the world through different eyes. I always found it fascinating while working as a nurse that some patients loved doctors that I preferred to avoid and some hated doctors I loved. Guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round.


I’m a Quattro user and very enthusiastic about them. Haven’t tried the Marvels. But Quattro’s are not immune to unexpected volume changes. If you are using the All-Around program with the Environmental Optimizer (the default Quattro fitting setting), if you go from a Loud Noise only environment (-3 dB) to a Soft Speech Environment (+2 dB), there can be something like a 5-second delay before the volume adjustment (increased loudness) for the Soft Speech environment kicks in. I have personally experienced this and previously described it in a forum post. ReSound has said in an Audiology Online course covering the Environmental Optimizer (automatic volume control), that there is a ONE SECOND delay for each decibel of volume difference in program settings. I think the idea is that they think it is rare that a user go from a Loud Noise to a Soft Speech environment with a sudden transition and there is more likely to be a gradual transition in sound levels that can be accommodated by faster program switching over 1 to 2 sec time frames to more intermediate speech in noise settings, etc.

So as others have noted in this thread, experience with an HA can vary a lot from user to user. It can also vary a lot for the same user trying different hearing aids just based on the vagaries of often very irreproducible experiences with each HA or vagaries of the skill of your provider in setting up the different HA’s for you. Phonak is by far in terms of gross revenue the leading HA OEM in the world, leaving Oticon and ReSound in their dust. Now that Sivantos has bought Widex, those folks have moved up. But Phonak makes a great HA in the Marvel as many forum users have attested. I think the best thing for anyone interested in knowing how the two compare would be to try both as you have done and find out for themselves. The best for someone else may not be the best for you.


I know Resound does the volume adjustment via All Around profile. You can fix this by creating your own sound profile and turning tech off to your liking. Point I was making is with Phonak it revolves around the Autosense with no custom profiles so your just stuck with one profile with not being able to change it which was a deal breaker for me. You can also hear it changing the settings up and down which gets bothersome. Also their App literally only lets you turn the volume up and disconnects constantly on top of that. For being such an innovative company they sure dropped the ball on their app for Android. I was hoping Marvel would be the best but it’s not, Resound QUATTRO takes the prize on this iteration of HA. Sorry Marvel users :confused:


I can only guess why the op is so biased. I, while admittedly, am a new user, I had an extensive trial with the Quattro, even with my limited user experience, I liked them a lot. I had some occasional Bluetooth drops while streaming, and I was ready to buy them, until… I was offered the Marvels to try. The streaming, and hands free features of the Marvel sold me. The streaming audio quality of the Marvels are, for my needs, way better. As good as wearing half way decent ear pods. I am way happy with the Marvels. For sure others needs and wants may dictate something else, but to say the Phonaks are junk, is plain nuts.


AFAIK, when you are in the All-Around program, unless you have the fitting software and turn the Per-Environment choice off, you are at the mercy of the Quattro firmware as to what environment it thinks you are in. You could adjust the relative volume for the different environments if you have the fitting software but, AFAIK, there is no access to the user as to what environments are used when when you are in the All-Around program just using the Smart 3D phone app. So ReSound has its own “Autosense” and it’s not foolproof. It is very rare that I’m bothered by unexpected volume changes but I can induce them by “odd” behavior, e.g., being in a very quiet kitchen environment, then standing right next to the microwave when I turn it on, then trying to speak and listen to an ambient AI assistant device on my kitchen table, while moving away from the noisy microwave and trying to listen to a low-volume, soft-spoken female voice (Alexa turned down) as I get close to the speaker device, which is normally turned down as I sit right next to it while at the computer pictured in my avatar.

I think making a point less aggressively helps sell it. I’m probably the last one to offer such advice. I should apply it to myself more often!


I don’t really know what you are trying to say but autosense is made up of several environments and each one of them is adjustable. The transition between environments is subtle but you can tell the difference, as speech in loud noise is completely different than, for example, music.

Besides autosense you can have 6 other custom programs that can be manually selected.


Where do you select and edit the other environments? Do they have an app where you can do this? I was under the impression there was one profile fit for autosense with no need to customize.


You need the Phonak Target fitting software in order to turn on the custom programs, (and 3 is the maximum). Like was mentioned before, AutoSense 3.0 has several programs built into one, all of which can be tailored to your liking and then allow AutoSense to switch between them. These are different from the 3 manual programs which are completely custom.

I had the original AutoSense 1.0 years ago and I didn’t like how abrupt the switching was. These Marvels are much more subtle in my opinion, but there are settings to control how fast and abrupt the switching will be. It sounds like yours may need some adjustments in this area as well.