Phonak Marvel Tv Connector using PC Audio




Bluetooth works like a charm., but I’ve yet to be successful to “stream” audio from my Dell laptop to the Tv connector(via jack 3.5mm) to my prothesis.

  • Pairing the TV Connector with my HA works.
  • Detection of the jack 3.5mm on my Laptop works
    But nothing seams to be transmeted to my HA.

Can someone help me on this please ?



@1Bluejay might be able to help on this problem?!


I’m no techie here, and I’m actually pairing the Phonak TV streamer to a Macbook Pro … but is the audio UP on your Dell laptop? Sometimes, I forget to turn the volume UP on my laptop, so no sound is transmitted to my aids.

Second suggestion is: press the pairing button on the TV streamer while it’s connected to your Dell laptop. I find that with the new Marvel aids, I often have to hit that re-pairing button multiple times during the day to get the audio to stream to my aids.

GOOD LUCK and keep us posted on what works! If your Dell is successfully paired to the TV streamer, it should be a minor fix to get the sound to stream to your aids. :slight_smile:


Basic troubleshooting would include:

Make sure the tv connector works, connect another device.

Make sure sound is being generated by the laptop. Remove the 3.5 from the laptop while something is playing and you should hear sound.

Make sure the 3.5 works and is the correct type. Connect to a speaker maybe?

Make sure you are changing to the tv program. Not sure how you do that on the Marvel. On my Phonaks I press the multi-function button.

Make sure no other device is on, that is paired to the Marvel (turn Bluetooth off on the phone).

In other words, prove each device and connection and don’t assume anything. Prove it!


Hey all,

Thanks for all you’re replies.

I will try everything suggested and give you my results by the end of the day.

Merci !


IPAD + Laptop both failed !

Works !

Done also !

Difficult for now… I’m using the cable that came with the Phonak Marvel package… I would be suprised that… but I’ll find a way to check it later next week if nessasery.


OK I thing I got it !

I’ve press on the volume button on one of the HA while pairing and tada… sound came alive in the HA.
that’s the trick but… there was so much noise… like a bad connection… could be my laptop and\or the cable itself and\or the connection on the Tv device …

More to investegate…

Thanks for you’re support !!!


Update #2

IPAD works also. (Had to do twice the procedure to have the TV connector works with the 3.5mm connection)

Now for the bad sound like an AM radio(for those of my age) same thing happen On my Ipad(maybe less) and on my laptop. I found that it is related to the 3.5mm jack. Has I am not familior with the analog world… I am not sure if I change my cable I would have a better isolation or less grinding noise when turning the connector in the socket.

If anyone…

Merci !