Phonak Marvel Streaming

Ok so I took the plunge and updated my iPhone 7 Plus to the new IOS 13.1.2 and everything is working fine. Right now I’m listening to The Beatles - Abbey Road (Super Deluxe Edition - 2019 Mix) on Amazon Prime Music and it is fantastic!! As good as I thought the streaming was before the updates (to IOS, Marvel 2.0, and MyPhonak App) it seems even better now. Maybe its just the extreme stereo separation on this album??


Hey Lefty! Great that all is working well.
I’ve recently updated to Android 10 on my Pixel 3 XL and everything is working well here too.
I’ve recently subscribed to a streaming service called Primephonic. They stream in lossless CD quality and with my Marvel M90-Rs I can readily tell the difference between MP3 quality and lossless CD streaming quality. I’m constantly amazed at the streaming music quality coming from my Marvels! And I’ve always got it with me without having to lug headphones or mess with earbuds! You’ve gotta love today’s technology!

Good choice on the 50th anniversary of the Abby Road album recording!

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Hi SaratogaLefty, that’s great news. Are you using domes or ear molds?

I have the large size grey domes. Considered molds but my audiologist recommended against them. The domes work fine and I get plenty of bass and great stereo separation. They are comparable to my Bose over ear headphones except the Bose have the noise cancellation feature. The only time I use the Bose is on an airplane to drown out the engine noise and people talking loudly. With the Marvels I can come close to the noise cancellation by using the tuning on the remote function to essentially shut off the microphones.

Curious, as an audiologist myself, why did your provider recommend against them?

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I upgraded my lg phone and Samsung tablet from 8 to 9. They both still stream fine–even outside. There are some changes to the appearance that I don’t care for, but nothing major. I’m still leery about upgrading the marvel’s themselves. Maybe I should discuss it with my audiologist.

The Marvel 2.0 firmware update is rock solid so no need to be leery. And 2.0 is needed in order to have full functionality on the new myPhonak app. The 2.0 firmware update also allows you to pair with more than one device now! You’ll love it!

Agreed. Nothing to worry about in updating to Marvel 2.0. Everything is just better with the update.

She indicated for my hearing loss (not that bad) and based upon my REM and other testing she did for me with the Marvels and the large domes she felt the custom molds would not be a worthwhile investment. I took her advice and its been almost a year and everything is working fine.

That’s great! Just honestly curious. I work with peds but try to keep my foot in the door with adults, mostly through this site :slight_smile:

Are they the closed domes?


Can you explain how to do this?

Do you want me to explain how I did the Marvel 2.0 firmware update
do you want me to explain how I pair with more than one device now?

Sorry, how to pair with more than one device.

I’m not sure whether it is the Closed or Open Domes on your diagram. They are definitely not the bottom row of the Ope Domes. Here is a photo (not very good):

You can see on the right dome shows the hole going through the nipple sideways and on the left dome you can see there are two very small holes on either side of the nipple. I was told these are the large size but not sure if they are open or closed???

I missed something…does the new update make pairing to multiple devices better in some way?

I just got the new update this morning… haven’t played much with it yet.

Gotcha. I pair with my phone and two other computers.

To pair with a computer you open Bluetooth and the choose “add Bluetooth or other device”. In order to put your Marvels in pairing mode you must first turn them OFF and then back ON again. You can do this in one of two ways.

  1. simply put them in the charger for a moment and take them right back out again. This turns them OFF and ON again and puts them in pairing mode.
  2. turn each HA OFF by holding the down volume button until the red light turns OFF and the turn each HA back ON again by holding the down volume button until the green light flashes.

After doing one of those two things you will have 2 to 3 minutes of time where the HA remains in pairing mode.

Pairing with the computer has now been accomplished and pairing never has to be done again.

You can remain paired with only two devices at a time. If you want to change which computer you are paired with requires going to the Bluetooth setup on the first computer and choose “Disconnect” from the HA. Then going to the second computer and choose “Connect” to the HA. You remain paired with each computer, but to go back and forth you disconnect from the old connection and then “Connect” for the new connection.

I hope my explanation is clear. If not, let me know. At any rate let me know how you do.

Before the 2.0 update, in order to change devices with which you were paired required actually “un-pairing” from the old device and “re-pairing” with the new device. You had to do this time consuming process each and every time. Now with the 2.0 update you can remain paired and simply choose “Disconnect” and “Connect” to choose which two devices remain paired. It’s a whole lot easier.

If you are new to the Marvel and start out with 2.0, you have no idea what a pain it was to change devices previously.

I discovered that my left hearing aid didn’t have a good contact to the charger and was dead when I was getting ready for my walk this morning. So, I “jiggled it”; made sure it was charging and used some of my Bluetooth headphones instead. I could not believe the difference in sound quality! Although, I am grateful that the headphones are still an option for me in a pinch.